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Don't wait, become a verified Bed Bug Safe Hotel today! ✨
Use the link in our bio to get your hotel verified 🎉

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Due to the amazing response to this deal, the dryer balls are now sold out! Thank you to those who placed an order 🌿if you are interested in something else that is an amazing deal, I will actually gift a dryer ball set to whoever buys a Starter Kit before March ends! Let me know guys 😊

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Malibu mornings ☁️

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What an amazing launch day 🤗 thank you everyone so much for your support! See you all tomorrow

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Red wine makes everything better! Cabbage soup made with Irish Italian parade loot. 🍷💙
-I want to start telling you all a little more about me. I feel social media is very hallow so I have a hard time posing frequently. I am trying to be better!! So after each post I'll add a random fact, hope you enjoy! 🍄I've always related to a 50's housewife, which fueled my desire to pursue pin up modeling.
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The best part about Young Living? It is SO MUCH more than just oils and they make it effortless to replace chemical laden products in your home with wonderful, chemical free alternatives. And as an added bonus, they smell completely dreamy! (Raise your hand if you've used a chemical free alternative that smelled like yuck! 🙋🏼) Let's talk about chemicals for a minute. Did you know that most of the chemicals in your products have never been tested for safety, nor are they regulated in the U.S.? Not even the things you're putting on your baby.
A few things to look for on your labels:
1. Fragrance - Fragrance can be a blanket term used to hide tons of chemicals that were used to make the fragrance. Fragrance is also linked to allergies, skin irritation, eczema, and it's damaging to vital organs.
2. Phthalate sand Parabens - Pthalates and parabens have been linked to endocrine disruption, reproductive issues, asthma, allergies, and cancer. Fragrance can also contain pthalates.
3. 1,4-dioxane - You're never going to find this on a label, because it's a chemical byproduct. This has been linked to organ toxicity and skin allergies. To avoid it, don’t use products that contain sodium laureth sulfate, PEG compounds and chemicals listed as xynol, ceteareth and oleth.

There are so many more things to avoid, but it would literally be pages and pages. Do your research. Download the app from the Environmental Working Group. You and your family deserve the best! 🌿🛀🏼 #chemicalfreehome #healthyhappy #bathtime

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This is what your kitchen looks like when you're finally getting your feet under you after the loss of your husband.... you meal prep and are are beyond excited to start your new path in getting fit 🌶️🍠🥗💪🏼 #fitfam #fitwidow #widow #youngwidow #cleanliving #fit #vegetables #lifting #womenwholift #gymforever #newlife #anewnormallife #mytherapy #myserenity #myhusbandinheaven #mysoulmate #lookatmenow #weightlifting

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DYI Air Freshener Spray -without all those nasty chemicals!!!
4 oz glass spray bottle
3 oz distilled water
1 Tablespoon Witch Hazel
10 drops of Purification
Step 1....pour water in bottle
Step 2....add Witch Hazel
Step 3....add 10 drops Purification or YL essential oil of your choice
Step 4....shake before spraying
Safe, simple and Easy!!

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I definitely know how to live! I took my son to a toddler play group today and indulged in a fake tattoo. What fun - lol. I instinctively picked a rose which I now realise connects to my bio on here! How coincidental...or is it the law of attraction in play?

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3 Days Left to get a FREE deep blue touch roller and deep blue rub!
Almost $100 dollar value! 😳 such an incredible deal!
If you've been thinking trying Oils this is the month to start! 💧
Message me for more information on how to get this!! I would love to help you in your oil journey! 💧💙

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Today I helped 3 people get started on a 90 wrap challenge.. All before noon 💁 all from my phone while I was at the gym. 💪 #twobirdsonestone 😀 sooo I've opened up 3 more spots for anyone who wants to get their wrap on before summer. ⛅️


Food diary for this lovely Tuesday.. I did however have a naughty buttermilk rusk with my coffee this afternoon 😳😉🍀 If anyone wants any of my recipes, just comment! Sleep tight beauties 💜

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