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Yes!! Congested skin is challenging to fix but thanks to Hydrafacial!! Today is her third weekly session, still far from where we want to achieve but we're getting there!! Be patience, consistent and PERSISTENT 👍#deepcleaning #detoxify #clarity #congestedskin #oilyskin #acneproblems #hydrafacial #bestresults #satisfying #happy

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Couple of treatments in and making progress to perfection watch this space my passion is great skin here @Skin4u #dmktreatments #dmkrrpm #acnetreatments #clearskin #congestedskin #skinproblems #skinproducts

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Just don't call it a facial 😉 // You can now book Hydrafacials at ZONA Med Spa! Amazing for wrinkles, skin texture, congested skin, and aging skin. $199 for an hour session, book now!

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Little bit of a breakout going on, just small ones. I decided to bring in these 2 products from iSun that I had been saving 😄
☀️Both having antimicrobial and calming benefits, the Phyto-Cleanse II is "pH balanced to prevent skin dryness and to protect skin's natural barrier against bacteria"
☀️Clarifying Serum contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe the skin and "reduced oiliness is supported as skin is hydrated to help balance sebum"
I wanted to wait before bringing these out as I have so many on the go, but I thought today was a good day ☀️🤞🏻
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The Clairderm microdermabrasion is sometimes called "the lunch time peel" is the non invasive gentle process of using crystals to exfoliate dead and damaged skin cells .

Valerie Roche (@skin4uglenelg)

Progress to perfection skin healthier after dmk enzyme therapy another great skin journey begins #acnetreatments #clearskin #congestedskin #skin4u

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Pretty in pink with Synergie Minerals. Synergie Mineral makeup is wonderful for those with congested or dehydrated skin.
It is Dimethicone free-this ingredient found in some skincare and makeup can cause blackheads and underlying congestion. For those with dehydrated skin Synergie makeup contains Vegesome which releases hydrating liposomes and prevents moisture loss.
Loving the variety of pinks. Subtle versus Vibrant. There is something for every pink lady. #mineralmakeup #dimitheconefree #pink #congestedskin #acne #dehydratedskin #radiantskin #synergie #lipisome #sunprotection #zincoxide #naturalpigment

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Oil day - day 15 of #MaySkinChallenge
A few quick things to say:
🌸 Can't use coloured oils in my hair because they will turn it yellow so coconut it is.
🌸 This @deciem Retin-Oil for body is a revelation and can be used on the face 🙌🏽.
🌸 oil cleansing has CHANGED my life - cleansing is the harshest step in a lot of routines, I try to minimise the stress where I can.
🌸 I suspect my last remaining congestion might be due to my oil choices so I mostly stick to Maracuja or passionfruit seed oil, this has been talked about a lot today but I will try to put it simply.
🌸 Your body needs linoleic acid (an omega 6 that it can't make itself) to make sebum (the oil in your skin). If it doesn't have enough, it will use oleic acid instead (an abundant, thicker, omega 9). This makes your skin's oil thick and cloggy. If you are congestion prone, you want to give your skin linoleic so it doesn't use nasty oleic.
Interestingly, a few other cloggy substances (some fatty alcohols and stearates) can be metabolised into oleic acid in the skin. 🙊 IT ALL COMES TOGETHER!
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Remember this skin befire starting to revise with Dmk #dmkrrpm #dmkenzyme #dmktreatments next pic 2nd treatment whilst still in progress have to say looking better and fresher #skin4u #acneprone #congestedskin #acnetreatments

Megan (@skingoo_)

@sundayriley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser 💁🏼💁🏼 usually I have very congested skin particularly around my forehead and chin area... I bought this product after sampling it a few times and loving the porcelain-like texture it gave my face after washing. The product boasts of the purifying and deep cleaning benefits from its French green flag and Moroccan rhassoul clay anda unique gel based formula. It also claims to brighten and tighten pores with vitamin c ester and black pepper oil... okay now down to the nitty gritty: I effing love this cleanser. I have been using it now for maybe 6 months or more and my skin has never looked clearer. I love the texture and the smell. BUT the presence of essential oils bothers me.. if you have acne prone skin, I'm not sure if this product will work for you (I have many spotty gal pals who say this product has severely broken them out). Also Sunday justifies the hefty price tag with the added brightening and anti aging benefits but I don't think I've noticed a difference in those areas at all.. and I just don't think it makes sense putting these kinds of ingredients into a product that only touches your skin for a few seconds. I will probably repurchase anyway since I know how clear it makes my skin, but I feel like a chump nonetheless. #daylightrobbery I will justify the purchase for my own skin because I know it works, but I definitely don't think it should be priced this high to begin with... what are your thoughts on this cleanser?!