the first picture was taken on April 5, 2015. the second was taken March 15, 2018. not sure if I like this development. Bryant Park just went all Snapchat on me.

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Congratulations to @ottoberkeley who is #igerslondon picture of the day!
Join us on Saturday 7 April to celebrate our 7th birthday! #igerslondonis7

This year we’re going on a cruise down the River Thames. You will get to see some major London landmarks from a unique perspective! Our celebrations continue in an ancient 16th century pub for more cheer and also games of Shuffleboard!

Book now via the link in our profile and we’ll see you there!
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После небольшого перерыва я вернулась в хлебопечение 👩🍳🍞🥖. Вермонтский хлеб, на закваске. Видео смотреть со звуком! Это, как музыка 🎶🎶🎶 @strizh_a я ослушалась тебя и продолжила процесс и таки все получилось! 🥖🍷#а_я_всепеку #а_я_всепеку_хлеб

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~ Después de mucho tiempo he subido mi segundo vídeo a YouTube. En este caso a de mi viaje a París y aquí tenéis un pequeño avance. Para poder verlo entero y con mucha mejor calidad tenéis el enlace del vídeo en la descripción. Espero que os guste!

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monkey house 2/
mouthful of paper