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/ Local and art. 🔥👌🏿

mikazuki augus (@creatureofdreams)

Why are you in my dreams? You know it's not real, I'm not real and I can never be real. Find your way back. I don't deserve you. I'll be okay, I'm always okay. And if someday, you felt despair and darkness closing in. Do not be afraid. I'll be there in your dreams to accompany you through it. For now, face the world and find your happiness.

Jackson de Azevedo (@jack_world_)

Dê a todas pessoas seus ouvidos, mas a poucas a sua voz.

W.Shakespeare 📸@jack_world_

🌿 Aika 🌿 (@aika.daniel)

And December is coming and almost the end of 2017.What we had done in this year?