Clifford Darby (@clifforddarby)

🇬🇧 New Street, Birmingham. United Kingdom. 2017.
Leica M240

DG Motions (@dgmotions)

With this one I want to say thanks to my travel partner and partner in crime @anna_schwimmi for sharing all these crazy experiences since almost one year with me and doing a lot of crazy stuff with me 😁
You could check her out and tell her that she needs to upload more pics on her account as she has so many good shots from our last trips but never uploads anything^^


It was so hard to get what I wanted, I found a way

🐻 (@currystjay)

Don't forget to pray and love too. Happy Hump Day y'all. Stay blessed✌🏾

JEREMY WAYNE HILL (@jeremywayne.raw)

I ain't never been embarrassed 🐶

JEREMY WAYNE HILL (@jeremywayne.raw)

I ain't never felt fear🐶