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¡Por fin viernes! 😝 Se me está terminando mi tónico hidratante de ácido hialurónico Gokujyun Premium de @rohto_hadalabo, que repondré porque me encanta, pero quiero probar cosas nuevas, así que se ha venido a casa éste de @indie_lee a base de CoQ-10. Disponible en @cultbeauty. ¡Buen fin de semana! ✨ Finally Friday! 😝 I'm running out of my @rohto_hadalabo Gokujyun Premium hyaluronic toner, which I love and will eventually repurchase, but I want to try out some new things, so there's a new hydrating toner in my skincare collection: @indie_lee's CoQ-10. Available on @cultbeauty. Have a nice weekend! ✨ #indielee #coq10toner #hydratingtoner #coq10 #cultbeauty #cultbeautyhaul #hadalabo #hadalabojapan #beauty #beautyjunkie #beautyaddict #beautyhaul #skincare #skincarelover #skincarehaul #skincarejunkie #skincarefreak #skincareregime #skincareroutine #skincareproduct #healthyskin #glowingskin #365inskincare #carolinehironsmademedoit #instagrammers #instablogger

Stef • 24 • Melb, AUS (@steffaniebee)

I'm so beyond stoked for this haul! I got a discount code to use for my birthday month and I used it as a justification to get a few of the things on my wishlist at the moment. Both the @sundayriley products are repeat purchases, I throughly love both Tidal and Blue Moon. I also got @pixibeauty lipgloss squarely because Caroline Hirons said it was amazing. And from @indie_lee I got the Rosehip Cleanser, COQ Toner and the Squalane Facial Oil. So excited to get this all on my face 💕 #cultbeautyhaul

Elizabeth Egan (@naturalbeautyactives101)

Please excuse the quality of this photo, bad lighting.
My first #cultbeautyhaul 🙌 I'm so excited I was able to get the @cultbeauty #springgoodybag #freewithpurchase of @vintnersdaughter #activebotanicalserum
The Vintners Daughter serum has been on my #skincarewishlist a long time now but I felt guilty spending that much money on one product. I couldn't resist when the offer of this amazing goody bag came free with purchase and finally ordered it! Thank you to those of you in this lovely #skincarecommunity who alerted me of this fabulous deal! Special thanks to @ladylarabeauty for helping me get the Goodybag when I couldn't figure out how to get it in my cart ❤️ ✨ As excited as I am to try #vintnersdaughteractivebotanicalserum I'm going to try and exercise restraint (not an easy feat for me when it comes to skincare). I'm going to try very hard not to open it until I finish some of the wonderful oil blends I'm currently using such as the ones from @thegranolagoat (I especially LOVE the #starrynightfaceserum ) and @thecrunchymamabear #healinghydratingfacialserum (the feel and scent of this just make me instantly happy and now that I've finished both samples, I just HAVE to buy the full size. It's gotta be some powerful aromatherapy)! Then there's the wonderful serums/ oils from @jordansamuelskin and @you.skincare plus others. I really only bought the VD now because of the Goody Bag 😂 (I'm a sucker for free high quality products I've never tried before) I'm really looking forward to trying the VD and seeing if it's really the bottled Unicorn Tears people claim it is! Most likely when I finish my Starry Night Facial Serum/ Oil, I'll open the VD.
✨ I will list the products that came in the goody bag in the comment section below as soon as I have time!

The Intelligent Beauty (@theintelligentbeauty)

Buenas noches! Esta es la segunda parte de La foto de ayer: el contenido de la Goody Bag de Cult Beauty 😍. Es mi promoción favorita y suelo reservarme para aprovecharla. Esta promoción la hacen cada tres meses coincidiendo con el cambio de estación.
De momento me ha dado poco tiempo a probar los productos pero de primeras el iluminador de Laura Geller me ha parecido muy bonito aunque solo lo he probado en la mano. El labial líquido es precioso pero me ha costado un montón desmaquillarlo 😱, lo he probado también en la mano y no había manera de quitarlo. Y el bálsamo limpiador de Omorovicza lo acabo de probar y desmaquilla perfectamente pero me ha decepcionado el olor 😒. Esperaré a terminarlo para dar una opinión definitiva pero de momento 👎🏻
Alguien más ha aprovechó la promoción? Quiero ver vuestras compras!! (Modo cotilla On 🤓).
#cultbeauty #goodybag #goodybags #cultbeautyhaul #cosmetics #cosmeticos

🌸 خديجة 🌸 (@aalyah.khadija)

Adding 2 new shades🙃💜 Bombshell & Muse 🌸 omg Huda liked this post im super happy😭😭😭❤️
#hudabeauty #hudabeautyliquidmatte #shophudabeauty #cultbeauty #cultbeautyhaul #makeupitaly

Jade 🙋🏻 (@curvettebrigade)

✖️A A A H H H S H I T✖️

Can't beat coming home to a sneaky @cultbeauty order.
Got my chubby little paws on
Dry Shampoo Foam and
the Texturizing Hair Spray
And I had to see what all the fuss was about with the @ctilburymakeup Dry Sheet Mask

Michaela 1978 🇦🇹 (@barbabosola)

Hallo Mädels! 💖
Eigentlich wollte ich dieses Schätzchen ja incl. Swatches posten, aber da macht mir das Licht seit Tagen einen Strich durch die Rechnung- also erstmal so.
Die erste kleine Schwester der Morphe 35er darf ich seit 2 Wochen mein Eigen nennen.
Es handelt sich um die 12Z, eine Mischung aus mattem, schimmernden und metallischen Finishes in dunkleren Tönen.
Der Star der Show befindet sich in der 2.Reihe ganz rechts, ein dunkles petrol mit braunem Duochrome im Unterton!
Man denkt sich nix Böses, swatcht ihn und Bäääähm- eine unglaublich schöne Farbe 😍
Alle Farben sind in gewohnter Morphe-Qualität, gut aufzutragen und leicht zu verblenden, nur das matte grün ist etwas "kalkig" und erfordert ein bisschen mehr "Blendearbeit".
Da die Größe der Palette optimal zum mitnehmen ist, hab ich noch die ein oder andere aus der Reihe im Auge...
Genießt den Sonntag und lasst euch nicht ärgern 😊
#morphepalette #morphebrushes #morphebabe #morphe12z #zodiac #eyeshadowpalette #cultbeauty #cultbeautyhaul #makeupmafia #mafialiebe #glowconnection

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@jouercosmetics lipstick in "tawny rose" and "skinny dip" lip topper💫 in love with everything about those lipsticks❤️formula, packaging and the smeel😍
🇮🇹 ho provato tawny rose per qualche oretta, devo dire che hanno una formula molto buona! Non si sente nelle labra e non fa vedere le pieghette delle labbra e non le secca. (Aggiorneró come mi trovo dopo averlo provato tutto il giorno) sono sicura che compreró altre tinte di Jouer dato che sono confortevoli nelle labbra🙂
prezzo 17€ per la tinta
Il lip topper costa 15€
Comprato su @cultbeauty arrivato in soli 5 giorni il pacco!😍) #jouer #jouercosmetics #cultbeauty #cultbeautyhaul #makeupitaly


Got this in the mail today 📮🌸🐝

Roshini DSilva (@the_beautybanker)

Super excited cos my online orders arrived! Can't believe that I placed my order on 07/03 and it already arrived this morning in the UAE! Awesome service from @cultbeauty btw if you guys haven't yet ordered anytime from here now is the time as they have a massive spring goody bag worth 210£ free when you purchase over a certain amount. All the items that you see in the last pic when you swipe on the right were in the goody bag for free! Loved the goody bag! Now off to apply a hundred things on my face!
#cultbeauty #cultbeautyhaul #haul #skincarehaul #ukhaul #makeuplovers #skincarelovers #igbeauty #beautyhaul #shopaholic #ihavenoselfrestraint

Swatchblog (@swatchblog)

Hi Charlotte...❤️

Die Luxury Palettes von Charlotte Tilbury haben mich jetzt seit Ewigkeiten gereizt. Das einzige was mich bis dato abgehalten hat war die Angst, dass so ein Goldstück während des Versands zu Bruch gehen könnte. Aber auch Muddi soll mal Glück haben!

Die Paletten sind verschiedenen Looks zugeteilt- es gibt zb. den "Vintage Vamp" das "Uptown Girl" oder "The Bombshell". Ich bin ja bis über die Grenzen Dortmunds als ganz wildes Mäuschen bekannt-daher habe ich mich für " The Rock Chick" entschieden. Die Farben sind ihren "Funktionen" zugeordnet: Prime, Enhance, Smoke und Pop. Eine helle schimmernde Lidfarbe, ein etwas dunklerer Shimmershadow um zu betonen, ein mattes dunkles Grau um den Look rauchiger zu gestalten und silberner Glitter um den letzten Schliff zu verleihen. Bei der Qualität der Lidschatten stimmt einfach ALLES! Das gute Stück wird nun schon nonstop seit einer Woche genutzt und ich hab immer noch nicht genug davon- und DAS will was heissen!

#charlottetilbury #charlottetilburymakeup #charlottetilburyluxurypalette #luxurypalette #charlottetilburyrockchick #eyeshadow #eyeshadowjunkie #eyeshadowpalette #lidschatten #lidschattenliebe #lidschattenpalette #cultbeautyhaul #cultbeauty @ctilburymakeup #beauty #beautyblogger #highend #makeupmafia #makeupaddict #potd #potd📷#ctmakeup #makeupporn

Surabhi (@makeupbysurabhi)

Latergram to my @cultbeauty order. Wasn't very happy with their customer service because there was an issue with the delivery and of course it was my fault (not) 😒
I had vowed to never shop from them again but am in a forgiving mood so may be I will give them another try. On to the goodies now:
➡️ Pixi Glow Tonic because I had to try it for myself 🤗
➡️ @drdennisgross Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Peel and Eye cream enabled by @hiddenharmonyworld. I am still finishing my Kiehl's avocado eye cream so yet to try this. That Kiehl's one has lasted so long that I am bored of it 🙄 I have commitment issues when it comes to makeup and skincare (not ideal I know) So I don't like it when I use a product this long 😤
➡️ DJV Miaray (erstwhile Beautenizer) - I mentioned this in my recent mascara post. 3 days into using this, I am contemplating a back-up 😃
It is still a bit runny but I find it very buildable to get enough volume for everyday to Damn Girl! And the best part, it comes off like a dream with warm water. So no need for 15 cotton pads and half a litre of makeup remover 💦💦 Long live Tubing mascaras 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Have you used any of the above? Do share your thoughts 👇🏽
Happy Saturday everyone! For me it is Scandal time 🍷🍿(no spoilers please, am a little behind)
#cultbeauty #cultbeautyhaul #beautyhaul #shoppinghaul #pixiglowtonic #pixibeauty #drdennisgross #drdennisgrosspeel #drdennisgrosseyecream #djvmascara #tubingmascara


@cultbeauty #haul
I'm so excited to use these! Took a gamble with the @indie_lee products since I can't find anywhere local to get samples but I loved the Sunday Riley samples! Holy Grail stuff right there!
#skincarehaul #skincare #skincareaddict #newskincare #cultbeautyhaul #haul #loveyourskin #stephsbeautybag #sundayriley #luna #sundayrileylunaoil #flora #sundayrileyflora #indielee #indieleeskincare

Kimberly Chung (@_kimchichi)

My first @cultbeauty haul! So excited to own a full product of ML Problem Solver! Finally popped my Indie Lee cherry 🍒🍒🍒 And Becca is just 😍👌🏻✨ #maylindstromskin #indielee #becca #theproblemsolverwillsolveallmyproblems #cultbeautyhaul

Laura Jones (@la_bella_blog)

10 products you need in your spring beauty bag: 🌹 #springbeauty #beautyhaul #cultbeautyhaul #sheerglow

Sarah (@in2tpe)

#cultbeauty 上買了3組#hudabeauty 的霧面液態唇膏迷你組合 #liquidlipstick 。原本的常態色共有16色,而4組迷你版如之前#ptt 版友提過的,並没有含蓋全部16個常態色,其中有2色重覆出現在Brown Edition & Nude Edition中。而Pink & Red Edition中則各出現一個新色,所以有4個常態色没有包含在小組合中。
・Trendsetter - a stylish brown nude (BROWN & NUDE)
・Flirt - cheeky brown (BROWN & NUDE)
・Spice Girl - an iconic 90s brownish mauve (BROWN)
・Vixen - a poisonous deep brown (BROWN)
・Material Girl - a fierce plum (RED)
・Famous - an effortlessly chic burgundy (RED)
・Trophy Wife - rose wood (PINK)
・Icon - a classy peachy pink (PINK)
・Bombshell - subtle pinkish nude (NUDE)
・Venus - deep taupe-brown (NUDE)
・Gossip Girl - the everyday cute pink (PINK)
・Heartbreaker - a man-eating pinkish red (RED)
・Socialite (pink - new)
・Showgril (red - new)
・Muse - an elegant, muted rose ・Medusa - a dusty mauve ・Video Star - a shout out pink red ・Cheerleader - a delicately muted red