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my parents are leavin me on sunday..... -
im totally okay
ac: @hedaxblake
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I didn't know what to post today but we got a new pic so it was good timing and he looks so good gtg

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really really miss ps touch.
qotd; kiss marry or kill out of kai, silas or klaus?
qotd; kiss silas, marry klaus & kill kai.

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[Nina Dobrev Icons]
I don't like the first one tbh :(
Do you like this icons? Pls comment!
I learn how do this in @abesfilters!❀️
Comment using and give credit in bio if you use! (I'm pretty sure that no one will lol)

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fc; 7,049
goal; 7,500
Cute :):)
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Do you like Liz?

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This edits trash but this ships not. πŸ˜›β€οΈβ€οΈ

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I know i know i have posted a lot of edits similar to this one but rn this is all i have 😣
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the better upper east sider
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@yarashahidi x dancing in insta . this is 100% shake practice & will be archived when i have inspo to edit something .. good ? lmao

cc / audio is mine
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