However long it takes (@klaaroline)

I was trying to know as much as possible about Klaroline in the end of season 4 and i'm sorry to say that according to spoilers we won't see Caroline. Hayley and Hope for to Caroline's school and Alaric will appear but no Caroline 😕😕
I'm sad but tbh I didn't except anything more from TO's writers, specifically in this season because MN was in full control. So let'a pray for our OTP.
P.S. This spoilers could be wrong but I trust my source so they're probably right.

love sucks (@vcmpirediariez)

Okay I asked myself, if I'm the only one who knows this situation, where nothing special happens in ur life?
Bc thats how it is now by me, it's not that I'm unhappy, I'm not unhappy I'm content with my Life, I have good Friends I'm good with my family, but nothing exciting happens to me, that makes me a kind of sad sometimes😶 Is this normal?😬❤️