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Elena smiling💗
Simple but I love it 💓😅
-my video please give credits
-instagram ruined the quality 😩
-some clips are from yt please don't hate me 😬🙊
ac: @deadaudio
cc: idk 😂🙊
dt: @uh.gilbert

— one tree hill (@onetreeposts)

day 12: mouth or skills
- i cant choose
fuck, i really dont know bc honestly i dont care either. i prefer hs mouth over hs skills, but other way i prefer adult skills over adult mouth so idek jaksks
[ credit: vd ]

brooke || multifandom (@mikaellsons)

— the vampire diaries [ 8x10 - nostalgia's a bitch ]
she deserves everything good in the world

Niam Girl 🌙 // Multifandom Acc (@1dlovato)

I'm in such a haze, I woke up from a nap & now I'm basically dead. 😂😭

— one tree hill (@onetreeposts)

day 11: mia or alex
alex dupre
(well, i think this is a mf plottwist lol)
did you really think that? i mean, mia is just okay for me but alex is my smol bean. i love her so much.
[ credit: roadas edits]