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Sundays are for cleansing my mind off all bad vibes, and letting the good vibes flow in ..... in simpler words “ it is sunny today and I am loving it ! “ ☀️ #potd #dcblogger #canadiantuxedo #denimondenim #style #ootd #myriadmusings 📷 @mau_cuevas_armandhugon


大好きな Denim on denim👕👖

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Every time I feed him he’s sick on me 👶🏻 #nephew #uncle #denimondenim

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HEY Y’ALL! 🙋🏼‍♀️I want to hear from you! I’ve been thinking of ways I can engage with you all a little more, and help create some great content that you’ll actually want to see.
I’m no longer interested in creating things just for the sake of putting something out there. Meh. BORING!
From now on, I want my content to serve a purpose. Maybe it’s something that be inspire you, something you’ll relate to, or even something that will help you get to know me more on a personal level.
If you want to help me help you, hop on over to my stories today and help answer some questions in my poll. Or you can just comment below, or send me a message about why you follow me and how I can serve you better. Basically what I’m asking is, who are you, and what content do you want to see more of?! I hope you have a blessed Sunday and spend today getting recharged for the week ahead. Even if that means staying in your pj’s all day with Netflix - there’s no shame there! 😂🙌🏻 #sarahfayephoto

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Decided to try out the denim on denim look and I was totally digging it! 👖Definitely went for shorts since the Miami weather is always too unpredictable for jeans. Then topped it off with a thin denim button down, half tucked in. Went for the espadrilles sneakers to make the look more casual! Let me know what you think 💭 Tap on the photo for outfit details! •••
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⬅️⬅️⬅️ For week 12/52 of #MuseumswithAnulfo, I headed down to the beautiful @bostoncollege campus with @cynthiaestaples to explore the new @themcmullen Museum of Art. Cynthia is a world traveler and a great storyteller, photographer, blogger and so much more. I think she has been pretty much to almost every country on earth, if not all, then pretty close to it or at least, to most of the Asian countries I want to visit. So great seeing you Cynthia after more than a year of not seeing each other!!! Check out her page and blog for more of her worldly views. Thanks for trekking down to BC with me, it was fun and the views of BC and Boston from the museum’s rooftop are incredible. Go visit if you haven’t seen the new museum. This #MuseumswithAnulfo edition was done on Saturday November 18, 2017. #worldtraveler #bostoncollege #MuseumswithAnulfo #schottperfecto #orangetimbs #denimondenim #autumn🍁 #bostonviews #rooftop #museumrooftop #goofy #JohnLaFarge #stainedglass #opalescentglass #timbos #timberland #storyteller #beaters #itweetmuseums #chestnuthill

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Great night last night celebrating the engagement of @brittanyjteague and @tomlaing93 with the lads. #EngagementParty #OnlyLove #MissedTheBlazerMemo #DenimOnDenim