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Regnitz | 逐流
Deutschland | Germany | Bamburg | Regnitz /
🔅River, silent flow, sparking for life.
Be a path of life , be a path also of fight.
Carrying memory and sorrow light.
Ancient history plus art style.
Come, meet the minstrel right beside.
🌀Bamburg is a town in north Bayern, Germany.
On the river Regnitz close to its confluence with the river Main. A large part of the town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.
Medieval + Baroque + Rococo + Gothic + Romanesque architecture.
You can simply take region train from Nürnberg to Bamberg.
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Deine Portion News vom 25.02 von uns. 😎🔝💪
Merkel setzt für neues Kabinett auf Mischung aus Vertrauen und jungen Politikern! 🤔
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At this point, I should just become a professional ambassador for @germanytourism #kidding..... #notkidding #germanytourism #visitgermany

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When Pinterest first started, I was on there, pinning like a madwoman, every day. And then a few years ago, life got busy and I wasn’t really pinning as much. Today, I started going through all of my boards to clean up and delete a few pins that were starting to look dated, and of course, also fell down the Pinterest rabbit hole and added a ton of new, pretty ones. And then I came to my wanderlust board and took a look. Guys, I must have started this folder back in 2010 maybe? I really don’t remember pinning half of what I did. This incredible photo you see up there is from that board and is evidently in Sognefjord, Norway. It looks amazing, right? I would definitely love to see it someday! But guess what? As I scrolled a little further I saw another photo that I don’t remember pinning, but what’s crazy is, I actually stood in the very spot that the photo was taken in, and I have a photo that I took of the very same view on my cell phone from our trip to Rothenburg, Germany a year and a half ago! How crazy is that?! Swipe to see the Pinterest photo, then one more time to see my cell phone shot. Are you guys on Pinterest? If you are, come say hello and add a few pins to my wanderlust board! It may be a magical unicorn that makes your travel dream come true 😂 Just kidding. But seriously! 😱

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The winter wonderland we experienced in Vancouver these last couple of days made me reminisce about adventures through the romantic road and ending up at dreamy schloss neuschwanstein, all covered in snow, just like out of a fairytale ❄️👑🐴📖 #vgoesexploring

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Watching the sunset over Frankfurt from the "Main Tower"