Anthony (AJ) Morrone (@sonic_ninja)

Dat jam piece tho'. Had a great time working on this book with @nickjustusart at @fivepointsfest

The Brick Theorists (@thebricktheorists)

Did you know? In the May 2004 issue of LEGO Club Magazine, the Sanctum Santorum is referenced in a Spider-Man 2 comic. While the photo was taken with actual LEGO pieces, the Santorum wouldn't appear as a LEGO set for another 14 years with the premiere of the Doctor Strange movie! #lego #legofacts #didyouknow Would you like to see more LEGO facts from @thebricktheorists ? Comment below! 🕷️ #Spider-man #Marvel #doctorstrange #spiderman #docock Photo provided by @maniac4bricksofficial