When you realize you haven't fully moved on because you haven't truly healed from past situations. As feelings I thought were settled were actually just swept away and buried quickly, now they keep arising finding a way through my present actions not living in my my fullest truth ....no more lying to myself or others around me this is the ultimate time for self care so important to seek inward and acquire self knowledge, to take action and expand consciousness, giving myself the time to just dance and breathe so that I can heal. No more drowning in emotions of the past that are irrelevant to what's happening right now. I've acknowledged my feelings but at some point it is time to let go....Sometimes we find ourselves living in our own toxic world, stuck in our own mind, a whirlpool of thoughts and emotions have you conflicted and caught up in situations that are already over with. It replays over and over in your head and it can have you walking around unconscious and stuck zombie mode not being fully present aware of the moments that are existing right now in front of you. But we step away only to find ourselves fighting to come back even stronger than ever. Waking up from a dream, I'm feeling alive again!...meditating and focusing on self love and stepping into a new energetic force on this on this new moon in Leo. This hoop heals and it's so important for me to dedicate more time flowing with it. I know my worth and I know my potential now I've got to take action. Remember it's always a beautiful time to begin again and this new moon energy has got me going <3 #staywoke #happysunday

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Anak-anak adalah generasi penerus bangsa. Mereka dapat belajar dari banyak hal untuk membawa bangsa ini menuju arah yang lebih baik. Dalam keluarga, anak juga merupakan sebuah harta yang tak ternilai
Ayo Bersama kita selalu memantau perkembangan anak – anak kita serta juga memberikan pengalaman berharga kepada anak – anak kita sejak dini, sehinga kelak mereka menjadi aset bangsa yang mampu disejajarkan dengan bangsa hebat lainnya di Era Globalisasi
Rex Express mengucapkan Selamat Hari Anak Nasional.
REX, Your Trusted Delivery Partner | http://goo.gl/Hy75nK
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M Farhan Fadhlurrahman (@fadhlurrahman_f)

Rombongan "Elang Darat" dari pabrik Toto ber-chasis Mercedes-benz, yg tercyduk baru 41 bis (Mungkin Lebih):v

In Frame :
Eagle High (Express Group)
Powered by : Mercedes-benz OH series
Body : Evonext GT by New Armada Karoseri dan Jetbus HD2+ by Adiputro karoseri
Loc : Toll Jagorawi


Jess Miller (@jesslivewell)

It's our last full day in Israel, and we're definitely making the most of it! The best part about our @Airbnb is that we can walk everywhere in the city! I love staying active on vacation, especially when you can walk from meal to meal 😉

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One and done. 60 min express class starts at 9 a.m. See you there! Next Hot Yoga at Happy Body, 929 Truman Ave next to Island Cycles.
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Happy Sunday guys...... Remember to go easy #express #not #impress #djexpression #happysunday