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I have been sampling the Xiaomi 5A Prime for weeks now and here's what's cool about it.

Xiaomi has certainly focussed on providing as many features on the Redmi 5A to its users as possible at its price tag. The smartphone flaunts a better than most HD display in its budget, decent firepower delivering a subtle performance and a dual SIM slot coupled with a dedicated microSD.

In terms of build, the Redmi 5A sports a very simple and neat make, mostly made of plastic with a slight metallic finish. There is a camera at the back with an LED Flash next to it, Sim and microSD slots on the left and power key and volume rockers on the right. There is a micro USB port at the bottom while the upper edge sports a headphone jack and on top of all this, an IR Blaster to control your household gadgets.

The 5-inch HD display on the Redmi 5A is bright enough and carries ample colours and contrast to deliver a good video watching experience. On-the-go binge-watching will certainly be fun and not much can be complained about this.
VERDICT: There is no doubt that Xiaomi has done a commendable job in raising the bar for entry-level devices with the Redmi 5A. The device is quite promising when put next to any other competition with the same price tag. To sum it all up, in case you are looking for an entry level smartphone that gives you a good overall performance with easy handling, a variety of accessibility features and of course, the expandable storage in addition to dual SIM connectivity, you can definitely go for the Redmi 5A.


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Всем доброго времени суток! В предверии самого нами любимого праздника 8 марта❤️🌷🌻🌼 и я хочу провести первый конкурс в котором будет 1 победитель и выиграет 2-кг торт Сникерс😋👏👏👏.
Правила очень просты: 🎀 нужно быть подписанным на страницу @ice_baker 🎀Сделать репост(скришот) фото с конкурсом 🎀добавить хештег #конкурс_от#ice_baker 🎀отметить @ice_baker и 3-х подруг 🎀написать под этим фото комент со словом Участвую можно несколько комент🎁 и лайк😊😘
🎖️🎖️🎖️ Победитель будет определен 7 марта в 15:00 в прямом эфире с помошью Тыка. Все будет проверятся☝️ не забудьте выполнить все условия😊 🎀 Желаю Удачи😘😘😘

I am THE JEWELRY L♥️VER~x💞✨⭐️✨💞 (@the_jewelrylover)

This wondrous #sautoir has such a refined #chromatic #rhythm ...~💜♥️💜
#DavidWebb has the rare ability to #quote #tradition and be a #creative #icon of #innovation .
~x #TheJewelryLover #💞✨⭐️✨💞
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A closer look at the stunning amethyst, coral, onyx, and agate necklace worn by @gem.gems in our recent ad campaign. 💜🔶💜

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Show must go on! Thank you Ekspo Muafakat Kedah for having me today. Awesome crowd! Hope to see you guys again. Shah Alam see you tomorrow ❤️🌹 .
Good night rest well🌹 get well soon abg jampi❤️

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Im addict of sambal or spicy food, pas tau suster @ritta79 ada produk baru yaitu sambel @sambalmakpedeess , langsung deh mau cobain semua rasa sekaligus dr yg pedes sedeng sampai pedes bgt, pesen pagi jam 10 jam 3 sore udh singgah dipiring dan ga sampe 5menit ludeh pdhal cuma nasi+sambel teri ijo+tempe goreng dan krupuk, fixed nambah nasi anget 😂😂😂 untuk yg doyan pedes dan males ngulek, boleh dicoba masing2 varian rasanya yaa 😘😘 produk @sambalmakpedeess emang ga ngecewain dehh 😘😘😘

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Las Vegas thank you for your incredible energy on night #2 of our residency at @thejointlv! We are having a blast with old friends & new ones here at @hardrockhotellv. We are so thankful for you all. We hope to see you at one of our remaining shows! #NBVegas #Night2

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Our baby polo is doing so well! This baby from Puerto Rico was obviously abused and was fearful until we put him into the right environment, full of love and attention and now he’s thriving. He used to be fearful of men and now allows them in his space. He loves other dogs and would be perfect in a home where they are aware of his sensitivity! He’s a loyal and loving lab mix , barely a years old! Let’s find POLO a home !

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Re posted ・・・
Meet Pam !! I can't with the cuteness !! Pam is in Puerto Rico awaiting her freedom flight directly to her fur ever home.
She is 3 months old. A mix of Rottweiler and something else that is a small breed.
She will be on the small side. We like to call her a haute couture Pocket Rotty mix.
Wee Wee pad trained. Very loving and sweet !! Please network this cutie !
#rescue #dogsofpr #puppy #love #maytescrusaders #network #share #maytemail

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This beautiful girl needs a home. We placed her with a woman who wasn’t to happy that she wasn’t 100% daschund... well, as I always say in rescue... we can NOT guarantee any of these dogs breeds, age, health as they were either surrendered, found or dumped with no history or very little of it. She is a sweet girl that loves to snuggle and play ... please network Gigi girl. She’s about 2 years old, was taken away from a family who gave her no attention or love. Now that’s all she wants! Let’s find this girl a forever home ! #adoptdontshop #rescuedog

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Let’s find ambar a home !!! @maytescrusaders with @get_repost
@maytesrescue This lovely girl Ambar is just too cute . She is in Puerto Rico awaiting her freedom flight to her fur ever home. Ambar is a Lab mix, one year old or under and is so ready for her forever home. She is full of energy and love. We are taking applications and will decide the best home for her. She deserves it. Potty trained and great with kids and dogs... she’s all 💜 rescue@mayte.com or kim@maytesrescue.com

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This beautiful girl “María “ needs a forever home. She is 4 months old and loves dogs and people ! She is being fostered in Los Ángeles so let’s network her and find this angel a home !! #dogsofpuertorico #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #love

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I know this is harsh to see but it’s what’s happening. For those of you STIlLL buying from breeders... this is beyond heartbreaking and this is why I do what I do. This has to stop until the shelters are empty!!! See below from other rescues and I couldn’t agree more......... @get_repost @rescuesneedyou
There is absolutely NO excuse to breed, buy, or support breeders. Shame on anyone who calls themself an animal lover yet can not understand this. #BreedingKills #StopBreeding #UntilEveryCageIsEmpty #DontBreedOrBuyWhileShelterDogsDie #VOICEtheVoiceless.
Repost @joshandhiscritters I want you to look at the cold hard truth. "I don't have time anymore."
"Someone will adopt him."
"Just one litter won't hurt."
"We had to move and couldn't bring her."
"He knocked my mother-in-law over when he jumped on her."
"I wanted a dog I could take to the dog park."
"I'm going to college."
"The breeder won't take her back." "We got a new puppy."
"I can't afford the shots."
"My kids don't take care of it." No microchip, owner never found.
Kennel stress.
Old age.
Stray with no name.

I've heard all the excuses.

I will not sit back silently while this continues to happen. 
The answer:

Spay and neuter.
Train your dog. 
Invest in pet insurance.
Don't shop, adopt. 
Do your homework before bringing home a pet. 
Don't expect your children to take care of it. 
Don't spend $50-5000 on a back yard bred dog, but then not pay for decent food and vaccines, then throw him away when he's sick.

It's really not that hard.

Breeders, if you love the breed so much, start a breed-specific rescue and start pulling that breed from the shelter. 
All of my dogs are rescues and they have excellent temperament and good health even if they aren't "perfect" in their appearance. 
Please share. #rescuedismyfavoritebreed#rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram#ellenratemydog #rescuecats #rescue #donate#fostercare #fostertoadopt #fosteringsaveslives#fostermom #liveandlearn @RepostIt_app