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Sneak Peek of a beautiful copper set that came in! This set is going to be sold as 4 pieces for $15! Tune in tomorrow night at 10pm EST at Shine With Sabrena (on FACEBOOK) to get it!!! #getyourfivedollarfix #paparazziaccessories #jewelrylover #TeamDivineJewels #elitediamondsintheruff #FaithOverFear

Brooke Mcmanus (@brookeleeyoga)

I feel honored and grateful for the beautiful gift from Heather. It’s not just a hat.. it’s an amazing mission to empower women to be brave. To rise up for what they believe in. To spread kindness + compassion + love
I met Heather years ago at her fitness studio in SD. I admire her willingness and courage to voice her struggles that made her a strong force in our community.
You are an inspiration!
Thank you for sharing your story and so incredibly grateful for your commitment to stand up and love.
Please check


CrossFit Repentance (@crossfitrepentance)

MOTIVATION Monday! This lady gives 💯% and has committed to herself. So proud to have such an awesome athlete to coach. What’s your motivation? #achievinggoalstogether💪 #crossfitrepentance #faithoverfear #crossfit

So Phocused • RedCupGang • (@elcapitanambassador)

Them losses build character and most importantly teach you how to bounce back• Stop giving a damn about others opinions and get your grind on • • #retainyourmind #retainownership #ownershipiseverything #staydown #buildup #weareNOTthesame #wearemore #blackbusiness #stepyourfaithup #blackexcellence #bealeader #faithoverfear #realitOVERquotes #repost

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BELIEF so deep, SMILE so bright 👌. #YouGottaBelieve #FaithOverFear

Life Coach | Human (@madisonhedlund)

Before learning the truth about boundaries, my misconceptions, lack of (totally teachable) skills, and assumption that "boundaries were unloving" kept me living on everyone else's terms; only then to resent people later.
I didn't know honoring my limits was a loving act, that by saying "no," I was opening myself up to SO much good. 💫
I created Where I Begin for people-pleasers-pleasers, for women who didn't know they had permission to say no, for women who want a HELL YES life!🌿💥🦋 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If that's you, click the link in my bio. Enrollment closes tonight!

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My motivation this Monday: these poinsettias. They remind me of the joy, love, and hope each Christmas season brings🎄❤️ It’s the sole Christmas decoration on my desk...I just threw away my mini pumpkin. Better late than never, right?
I’m a wee bit weary- eyed from moving this weekend, but we are one step closer to making the house our home :)
#motivationmonday #mondayschmonday #themostwonderfultimeoftheyear #christmasdecorations #choosehappiness #ichoosetobewell #grateful #faithoverfear #fitnessforlife #realfoodovercalories #samiam #isitfridayyet


As much of the world is gracefully blanketed by its first snowfall, winter's approach here is a bit more subtle. Our typically blazing sun seems slower to awaken as it oozes into the morning sky, taking its time to burn off the dewy fog and share its warming rays.
There's a cool lingering dampness to the day, hovering somewhere between that first musky smell of autumn and those last bits of winter when spring begins to emerge from beneath the hardened muddy muck of winter.
There exists a state of slow motion this time of year, seasonally and within me, as December moves to bring the year to a close while January paces expectantly backstage. It's a time for quickly finishing tasks that will round out the month, and I find these chores mentally satisfying but somewhat difficult to complete hurriedly. There is much on which to reflect.
The passage of another year seems to whisper that time is growing short, that there's still much to accomplish in this earthly life. It hints of future possibilities, of past mistakes, of all that is. It could be overwhelming - in fact, it used to be. There was always a frenetic pace to December; chaos ensued as I scurried about seeing to this and that, worrying, planning, regretting, chastising myself for things gone wrong. This is the first year where December has brought peace.
As I write this, tears have begun to flow, not of pain but with gratitude for all that's been learned. Within myself is a limitless reservoir of love and compassion; it's been there my entire life. It was only through Grace that I was reintroduced to this amazing abundance and shown how to channel it to others. This earthly body will perish but this Soul is forever. This is a Love that never fades, never dies. Seasons will come and go, the snowfalls of life will cover the external beauty. But the brilliance of the Light that is Love will cast a forever-glow on the internal divineness which is who-I-really-am. It's a precious gift and it's more than enough.

Shelbey Kendall (@shelbeykendall)

This girl. This life. This freedom.
She likes to roll up her sleeves and work beside me. I love that when people choose me or choose my community to join when they are ready for essential oils or chemical free or wellness support or all of the above that they are also choosing her. Her and her two older siblings. 😍

Free shipping + 10% off through the end the December directly from us. ❤️🎉

Your Life Rocks (

As your getting ready for work, download this episode if you haven't already. Living intentionally is what I'm all about and being intentional in career is a big part of that.
What would you negotiate for that would make 2018 amazing for you? More time off? A work from home option? Once I negotiated wearing jeans to work. True story.

Kristian Head (@kristian_head)

The brutal truth:
Some days you wake up, with an endless flow of motivation. You’re ready to take the day head on, even the week, maybe the year?!
Other days, or weeks, you fall into the bitter daily grind. The days seems long and tiresome while goals seem distant and untouchable. It can feel defeating? As if life is just dealing you a hard hand?
Well... I’ve been in one of those funks the last few weeks. I left Hawaii on a vacation-high. I was motivated, warm, tan, happy and relaxed. I ended up sick, worn down, feeling defeated, exhausted, stressed and totally bummed - just like that, like a snap of the fingers.
This week (although it will be stressful with upcoming tests and deadlines) I am promising myself right now... to make it better. Make it count. Do the work that needs to be done. Because goals, although distant, are achieved by the steps you take daily. Successful people are the ones who simply create successful habits and carry them out each and every day. #CheersToBeingBetter

Kimbolitis (@kimbolitis)

Today was the first day in months that I was able to workout without pain in my lower back...and it was awesome! I started going to a chiropractor last week and he popped by upper back/neck where I hold all my stress and he popped my hips that were pushing into my lower back because they were so out of alignment. After the first visit - I felt huge relief. It’s amazing how when one part of our bodies gets out of messes up so many other parts. I feel so much better and finally feel like I can do what needs to be done without pain or frustration holding me back. I’m no where near where I need to be but I’m not giving up...not on my health/fitness goals and not on my dreams to become a Mom either. We will be starting another round of #IVF - Stims will start in late January for a February egg retrieval. It sucks we have to start all the way over because we don’t have any frozen embryos but we are doing what we need to do and not letting fear stop us. I think this is going to be a good week...finally! .
. #nevergiveup #faithoverfear #ivfjourney #healthandwellnessjourney #journeytobabyward #ivfwarrior #ivfround3 #infertilitywarrior #infertilityawareness #ivfawareness #fastedcardio #backpaingone #thelordismystrength

CrossFit Repentance (@crossfitrepentance)

A little Tempo Snatch work today. Working on bar path. Still a litter out in front of me but getting better on my pull and quickness under the bar. #achievinggoalstogether💪 #crossfitrepentance #faithoverfear

Life Coach & Food Expert (@jessicoaching)

98- little people pieces of winter gear (plus or minus scarves)
25- degrees last night
14- 8 year old girls
11- the time said-girls were all asleep
6- snowmen
5- brave chaperones
4- coffees from the coffee angel for said-chaperones
3- incidents (sprained ankle, midnight wake up, and a splinter)
2- campfires
1- overnight
0- padding under my sleeping bag
= Memories for a lifetime and a massage in the near future #girlscouts

Lauren (@fit_nurse_lauren)

Day one of my last accountability group for the year DONE✅💪🏼
Felt SO good to earn that early morning sweat! Energy and motivation are high...and it’s a good thing too because I’ve already hit the ground running at work👩🏼‍⚕️👣
Did you set the tone for your day and the week ahead?? Never miss a Monday y’all!! #nevermissamonday #doitanyway #earlymorningworkout #shinebrighter

Fitness_Rolemodels (@fit_rolemodels)

Monday morning motivation #Repost @colleenfotsch (@get_repost)
What gets you out of bed in the morning? What motivates you? Even on a Monday morning 😉 For me it’s usually coffee ☕️ that first gets me out of bed 🤣. Each morning I’m genuinely excited to go to the gym and get better. And on days where I find it harder to motivate myself, being surrounded by amazing coaches and athletes keeps me in check and keeps it fun!
📸: @paleofatkid
@opexathlete @mbslingshot @trifectasystem
#opex #lovewhatyoudo #faithoverfear #mbslingshot #crossfit #mondaymotivation #monday #trifecta #nutrition