José Antonio "Tony" Rodríguez (@soytonyrod)

Este es el excelente equipo de trabajo, con el que comparto el placer de domingo a domingo llevarles a través de la #Radio las emociones del #BeisbolMenor y del #Softball de cincuentones.

Siempre agradezco a Dios por las oportunidades, por lo que me permite hacer y demostrar. Aunque a veces sea difícil y te sientas atascado, un respiro a hacer lo que quieres y amas te regalará el camino. Eso es para mí #BeisbolMenor y el #Softball


БИТАЙР (@btyre.official)

Когда вы в следующий раз будете пересматривать «Спасение рядового Райана», обратите внимание на экипировку Тома Хэнкса и Тома Сайзмора в момент высадки в Нормандии. На груди обоих героев (как и на остальных американских солдатах) – черные надувные мешки. Это «Пояс жизни M1928». Пояс надевался под мышки и надувался с помощью двух встроенных баллонов с углекислым газом или поддувался через клапаны. #М1928 производился компанией #Firestone. За время Второй Мировой войны было выпущено почти 2 миллиона поясов, а также больше 400 тысяч спасжилетов Mae West – они были предназначены для летчиков и моряков.

Todd Bresnan (@hotwheels_4u)

FOR SALE: Hot Wheels 1978 Dodge LI'L red express truck, HW hot trucks.
PM for info.
#hotwheelscollector #hotwheelspics #hotwheels #dodge #dodgepickup #firestone #trucks #toys #diecast

Chuck & Ashley (@endangeredwanderers)

I am having SO much fun editing the photos from our trip.
This was our first Pit Stop on day one at Calico Ghost Town.
Chuck immediately made friends with a cat who roams the grounds and explored all the mineshafts.
I was in love with the red of the rocks and his handsome face. 😘

Haruna Inoue.❤️︎ (@h03279)

Sunset Kygo 🎼🌇💛🍃 日が暮れてくるとき
ちょうどFirestone流れて最高だった☺️︎ 夕日綺麗すぎてお台場いるの忘れて
#お台場 #台場 #Ultra #Ultrajapan #Ultrajapan2017 #Day3 #Kygo #Firestone #Sunset #Kygofirestone #空が綺麗 #サンセットフェス #夕日と音楽 #夕日が綺麗すぎて #みいってしまった

Lucinda Swink (Strong) (@lucinda_dawn)

Firestone is stupid. Very stupid. I went there for an oil change, a tire rotation, and IF THEY HAD TIME for them to check my fuses/wiring and make sure nothing was loose. First they forgot my tire rotation. Then I had to wait another hour for it to get done because I HAD to have it for my warranty to continue on my tires. The guy tried to play it off too, like ohh.. well your tires are actually the best how they are now until I pointed out that it would VOID my warranty. Goodness. It's insulting when people try to lie to my face. I'm not stupid, and all you're doing is insulting my intelligence thinking I'd fall for that. Don't play around the truth just because you didn't put it on the list. I don't know how you didn't put it on the list with oil change in the first place since I said it four or five times that it absolutely had to happen that day. Anyway, after being at Firestone for slightly over TWO hours I finally got to leave with my car. LITTLE DID I KNOW that three days and almost 100 miles later I'd be getting yelled at by a lady in the lane next to me that my brake lights aren't working. At all. MY BRAKE LIGHTS DIDN'T WORK FOR THREE WHOLE DAYS. I drove my seven year old niece around one of those days. My mom, my husband, my sister. HOW DO YOU LET SOMEBODY LEAVE YOUR SHOP WHEN YOU LOOSENED THE EXACT WIRES/PLUG THAT THEY ASKED YOU TO TIGHTEN/MAKE SURE THEY'RE OKAY. I don't understand. I truly do not. I was furious. Hell, I am still furious. If I would have gotten seriously rear ended with my niece in the car.. I don't even know. I cannot fathom putting my child niece into a situation where she is harmed. It is not okay. I will not be having them work on my car again. I *MIGHT* get my free apology oil change but that's it. Their "lead technician" can't even tighten up my brake lights that he loosened? Some lead tech that is. And then today, when my husband follows me down there to drop off my car a nail pops his tire IN THEIR PARKING LOT and they wanted him to wait many hours to fix it. STUPID. Their manager on duty today was rude. Their people lie to you to get out of work if they're busy (except for two, which are actually nice and helpful.) #firestone