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I know Vader wasn't there but I still like pretending he did the deed himself. Adds weight to his betrayal.

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@saber_forge Epoch submitted by @pnw_rmk . The Epoch was the first saber I saw from saberforge and that's what made me realize how much I wanted a saber. What do you guys think of the new apprentice saber that is made to resemble the Epoch? Awesome saber man! Belongs in the hands of a Jedi though not a sith ;)

Saber_nerd (@saber.show.off)

I love me some @saber_forge ! Sabers submitted by @aidenhorrocks . How awesome is that Acolyte?! I'm looking into getting the new Arbiter myself. Thanks for the submission. *I'm falling behind on posting submissions but I assure you if you tagged me @saber.show.off or sent your pictures in through DM they WILL be posted, thank you to everyone who had submitted!*

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The last Imperial star destroyer falls to the world of Jakku, marking the death of the empire. But the birth of something new.

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Just Star Wars! (@thestarwars77)

" This party, is not quite over " - Mace Windu

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But is there actually good in him?🤔

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Kylo Jen misses Kylo Ren 😫🖤❤️