Simone Rix (@poleandfitness89)

‘Be brave enough to be bad at something new’ I got this last year, I hadn’t done it for ages and have lost it but I’ll keep going and it’ll be back soon! Watch this space 💪🏻

Sibby (@thechubbydoctor)

Day 3 of my mini running challenge. We ran 2.5km as we rounded off our week 3 C25k (excluding some of the cool down as we pottered about inside Tesco while my face returned to its normal shade). I bought these cool shoe lights for @njl_fitness_journey and I since we can only really run at night. It's the first time we've remembered to wear them and they look awesome! (Ignore what is probably really bad form, my shin splints had just made their comeback and I'm trying not to make them angry) #RunningNewbie #Running #RunningChallenge #Lights #BabyYouLightUpMyWorld #NighttimeRunning #CouplesWhoRunTogether #WorkoutBuddy #C25k #CouchTo5K #Fitness #FitnessJourney #FatToFit #FitFam #ShinSplints

Joanna Dzio🦄 A Dose of Jo (@a_doseofjo)

🦄 Whole30 Results, I'm back! Feeling energized after a nice 4 day weekend exploring the city ❤️
Now let's talk about this picture for a minute 😏30 days ago I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a crop top running around on the beach lol. This happens to be my sister-in-laws top that I finally fit into. My results were so profound that I mustard up the courage to take a full body picture. I still have not weighed myself but I know I dropped at least 1 dress size maybe more. Besides my weight here's what I learned; 1️⃣ I had more energy than I knew what to do with 2️⃣ No more bloating/water retention. This is huge! And one of my biggest ailments 3️⃣ I'm more aware of my food choices, how it impacts my body, mood, and over all well being. Now this is still a work in progress. Undoing years of bad habits will take time. So 1 day at a time 💓#a_doseofjo

Whitney Knuckey - Fit Whit (@whitneyknuckey)

Myths: Strength training makes you bulky, ALL carbs are bad, protein shakes are only for meat heads, rest days are for the weak. LIES, all lies I once believed 🤦🏼‍♀️ What was I thinking? 🤷🏼‍♀️ How did I ever function without carbs or live without rest days? No wonder I was tired all the darn time 💤 I’m so glad that I have realistic SUSTAINABLE habits now and I have my team to keep me in check ✔️ If I can implement sustainable habits, so can you! Reminder that our 3 week Shred to Spring Break Boot Camp starts MONDAY, February 26th! Fill out the form in my profile to learn more! 🍑 Happy Hump Day 🍑

Christina Bianchi (@cbianchi33)

It has officially been 14 days since I started 80 Day Obsession (yes, I'm a few weeks behind... thank you #gradschool ) !!!! 🙄😂 I could not be any more happy w my results so far! The middle and right pic are my 2 week progress pics... and the middle one is without flexing! 😍 I'm following the eating plan and timed nutrition to a T. My clothes are looser and I'm so happy with my muscle definition. 💪👌👍
Since I'm having so much fun with this program and Beachbody in general (❤️💚 my #preworkout )... some of my fav coaches and I are doing a free 😆 1 week Facebook support group!! With this, you'll get: accountability and support from other babes w the same goals as you (to better themselves, both internally and externally!! 😁), 1 week free trial to Beachbody On Demand (7000+ workouts, #mealplans , cooking show, etc.), tips to crush 👊 your #goals & prizes 😊😉
Let me know if your interested by commenting below or messaging me! It's 1 week FREE trial, so there's really no harm in signing up. You get to better yourself and make friends 😆 worse comes to worse, you realize Beachbody isn't for you 🤔 #youliveandyoulearn #nobigdeal #whatstheharmintrying
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Ray (@wheytogoray)

I’m so far behind on my meals today fml ✋🏼

🇷🇺🇺🇸married💍💕 (@nastiajordansmith)

Hey lovezzzz! So cold in Chicago again.... brrrrr freezing! Y’all know I love winter but kinda wish we had more sunny days 😫💩 waiting for the spring 🙏🏻🤗💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 also I had real bad stomach pain few days ago... couldn’t even move! Now I feel amazing!!! It was just a reminder or warning ⚠️ that no matter what you do love yourself first! Let yourself rest! And also... appreciate and be thankful for the health you have!!! Being healthy is a privilege!!!! I feel like we take it for granted sometime... Now as I feel so way better and just amazing feeling of being able to run/ move and be crazyyy :))))))) hahah
Keep working my dear friends💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 xoxo
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Krista Berg (@krista_b_fitness)

Day 10/80 DONE👊🏼
I’m EXCITED to announce my next bootcamp will be starting March 5!! It’s not too late to join me in The 80 Day Obsession!!! DM for me info💕💕
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