Gallo (@rooster1050)

I see #memes all the time about how moms didn't teach their daughters how to cook and all I can think is wow that dude must be hungry and not know how to feed himself. My mommy knew I was going to be hungry and knew I would need to know how to take care of myself and not depend on a somebody, not that a Sandwhich is difficult but you know what I mean. #turkeybaconavocado #daysoff #prosandwhichmaker #yummy #dontbedependent #justeat #bacon #avacado #mmmmm #fuckyourfeelings #fuckoffvegans

The Male Hoe 🐧 (@themalehoe)

I mean I'm not really sure why someone would give a fuck about me, but can you imagine??

The Male Hoe 🐧 (@themalehoe)

Finally! Someone that knows their role!

Camron aka "White 🍫" (@missile_bear)

Who's ready for for our next deadlift party on May 20th?! This event is one you won't want to miss! We have tons of badass guest speakers, lifting weights, and building camaraderie all in the name of PTSD and suicide awareness! If you ever wanted to get involved then this is how. #vsa #veteransuicideawareness #veteranslivesmatter #ptsdawareness #buildingacommunity #support

The Sarcastic Atheist (@the.sarcastic_atheist)

I'm looking at you religous people. The Catholic Church was directly responsible for the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Islam is responsible for the brutal and oppressive Sharia law. Hinduism is responsible for causing Yogi Adityanath which is a calamity in itself. #atheismftw #fuckyourfeelings #fuckreligion

😈Heldreth🀘 (@therebelheldreth)

Yall dumb ass motherfuckera think that removing the confederate memorials is going to somehow going to stomp us southerners out? #deodivinci @truelove_88 #southern #fuckwhattheythink #FuckYourFeelings i am going to keep repping my home til i am 6 feet under