Cert Life & Business Coach (@denisesarkor)

"More often than not people are doing what they choose to do." Believe the patterns others display, know your patterns, and choose wisely or revise your approach altogether for a healthier outcome. πŸ”‘πŸŒ³ #FreeWillisReal

Personal Development (@revitalizedmind)

Negativity can spread quickly and consume your thinking if you let it. Protect yourself from the negativity that is so common around you.

Deep Mindfulness Collective (@deepmindfulness)

Mindful living = prioritizing my values. Today, for me, that meant family time. This is my eight year old baby sister at her aerials recital. So grateful I got to be with her and support her creative exploration.

Brian Turner (@timbrianturner)

Life is a zero sum game. If you're looking for happiness anywhere but from your deepest identity, you will never find it. ~ Brian Turner

Kismet (@kismetsalem)

Forgivness is powerful. Try it for yourself. Forgive yourself, yes yourself. Just one thing see what happens. Freedom and Happiness is an inside job first.

Stephen Bienko (@stephenbienko)

The smiles before I was graciously pick pocketed in #atlanticcity. Stripped of everything from my phone, credit cards, DL, insurance card. Basically entire personal life. Not to mention @lokelly6 ID. How do you get home from #AC with $40 and no way of getting more??? Check that off. Damn she is beautiful ain't she

Mari Bartoo Jacobson (@rutabagaredesign)

I don't know how much all y'all are paying attention to the eclipse coming up, but things seem to be all about transition for me... I am finding it helpful to keep this advice in mind:
Whatever we do during eclipse season has an incredible staying power attached to it. We cannot control what happens, but every time we choose our integrity over our fear, we choose what is life-affirming over what is life-constricting. Every time we choose our integrity over our fear, we choose what is growth-enhancing over what keeps us bound up and unable to access our agency. Every time we choose our integrity over our fear, we choose to commit a little bit more to our path and divest a little more energy from what prevents us from fulfillment.

SCREEN PRINTING SELECT, INC (@screenprintingselect)

Crazy busy week at SPS. Knocked out these 5 colors today. We cannot wait to get into our new facility. Nearing in on reno completion and should be moved in over the next few weeks. Have a great weekend y'all!

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Terrell Sumpter (@iamterrellsumpter)

There's no greater feeling being recognize by your hometown. I honestly will cherish this moment with me for the rest of my life. To some it may just be little, to me it's bigger than life, it's a blessing!! "As a teen i was a knucklehead I had no direction no vision I was told by the judge I was a menace to society,
years later I'm now labeled as a Top Influencer from Philadelphia PA "Anything Is Impossible don't count you out, the word itself says "I'm Possible" young king'

It's not really to boast about it's more as something to be proud of genuinely and to continue "make my mark". First I came back home two months ago to see my aunt for the very last time due to her passing away, which united me and my family, to having the opportunity to do my first amazing interview with @215realexposure and now 3 months later having my story feature on @phillyyouth_ App!! πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½ "This much bigger than me, My WHY is way bigger than my WHAT!! I'm just doing everything I was built to do, I thank the man above for allowing me to "become the best version of me, to my family and to those who've genuine support me and my journey. Thank You!! #PhillyYouth #Philadelphia #gogetter #goaldigger #passion #purpose #motivation #personalGrowth #Influencer #terrellsumpter #dreams #vision #fulfillment #positivevibes #persistence #perservere #consistency #journey #trust #focus #inspiration #motivation #mindset #peace #inspire #quote #hustle #dontstop #love #happiness #successful

Cristen Rodgers (@cristen_rodgers_poetry)

β€œBeautiful girl, he can’t give you what you’re really looking for. He couldn’t possibly have what it takes. No man does – not because men are lacking, and not because you are somehow too much, but because only you can do what you’re hoping he will.
If you love him and enjoy his company, if he can meet you in your depth of spirit, in your heart and intellect, if he can grow with you as a partner and friend, then go for it because of those things. But don’t do it because you think he’ll make you happy. Don’t do it because you think he’ll complete you; and don’t do it because he makes you feel special, worthy, or unique. Don’t do it expecting him to fulfill you, because he can’t.
Only you have the magic to break that spell – the one that makes you appear smaller than you are. Only you have the power to unlock your inner universe, to realize that you contain multitudes, that everything you could ever need is already within you waiting only to be unleashed.
So don’t ask him to fulfill you. To do so would be doubly unfair, because there’s nothing that any man can do to improve the worthiness, beauty, and immensity of you and your galaxies upon galaxies all wrapped up in the skin of a human star.” ©️ Cristen Rodgers. #spirituality #fulfillment #wholeness #authenticity #relationships #love #spiritualjourney #amwriting #writersofinstagram

Jesse Brisendine (@jessebrisendine)

What would happen for you? Do you have a friend that needs to consider this? πŸ€”πŸ€” #CarpeDiem

Coach & Facilitator (@mellissalast)

I take practical action every day to ensure that this is the way that I feel. Do I feel these every day? Generally. And you know what, that feels good. Do I still get frustrated and impatient etc.? Of course, I am human. I feel all the feels. But I let them come AND gooooo.