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Let's talk πŸ’΄πŸ’±. Are you getting paid enough for the work you do?
If not, are you ready to do something about it? You may be planning your exit strategy, but we're gonna share a few tips on getting paid what you're worth - whether that's in your current job or in a new job you're pursuing.
Do your research before accepting an offer. Hit the job sites and find the minimum, maximum and average pay for your job. Once you know this, you can push for the maximum but settle for the average if the company drives a hard bargain.
Think beyond physical cash. So many people get bogged down with squeezing an extra Β£1-2k from their employer they overlook that asking for extra benefits can be more lucrative. Subsidised transport, free parking, dental insurance, free gym memberships, extra training/course tuition fees.Β  All of these can add up to tens of thousands of pounds each yr, yet employers are often more willing to offer these than a salary increase.
Avoid showing your hand first. This particularly applies to job hunters. We've noticed that most employers no longer post salary details on job ads. And on enquiring, they often ask you your expectations and sometimes reject applications because those expectations exceed the salary they're willing to pay. We think this is SO stupid as they miss out on top talent by doing this. If you really want a job and are prepared to be flexible, push back when asked what your expectations are. Instead say you're open to negotiation and would prefer a ballpark figure from them.
Pick your moment. If you're asking for a pay rise in your current job, schedule a meeting in advance. Avoid Monday mornings (you may walk into the aftermath of an unknown problem that happened over the weekend) and Friday afternoons (your boss is less likely to be focused). And remember to arm yourself with the facts you need to plead your case
By that we mean a breakdown of your workload, the financial contribution your role makes to the company and comparable salaries in your industry.
And that's it. Are you ready to boost your earnings? Drop us a comment below. 😘

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