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————————— notice how I didn’t say hyperextensions? ———————————
E E E K - In the first video I am keeping my hips pretty locked and mainly hinging from my lower back. This places a larger emphasis on your erectors, with your glutes and hamstrings as stabilizers. Unless you have lumbar kyphosis, chances are you do not need this exercise in your repertoire. Not only am I not using as much glute and hamstring as possible, all of the flexion and extension of my back is dumping load and pressure into my lumbar spine - not exactly setting my discs and vertebrae up for long term success. Yikes!
R A T H E R - in the second video I am hinging straight from the hips which largely targets the glutes (and hamstrings)! In the third video I am hinging from the hips with a bent knee placing an intense load on the hamstrings (and glutes)! Both of these variations are very challenging when done correctly so save your spine and grow a pair.. of glutes!
Comment below if you have any questions about this OR if you just want to say hay. I’m cool with that too. 💁🏼‍♀️

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Tell Me What Motivates You For The Gainz?! #workharder #liftheavydrinkwhiskey

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Think of all the good moments of this day & keep a smile for tomorrow!
good night! 🤗💙✨
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O famoso: “RESPIRA E VAI!”.
Ainda tá valendo #tbt , né ?! .📸: @ceciliabarcaui .
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Since joining @1stphorm I’ve been asked so many times, what is 1st Phorm?
To me, it’s being apart of a movement that’s bigger than anything I’ve ever been apart of. It’s encouraging others to be brave in their journey and to never stop when things get hard.
It’s being there to help a friend or lending my support to a total stranger.
It’s about chasing the opportunities life gives you and learning from your failures.
1st Phorm isn’t just about representing the highest quality supplements on the market, it’s about attacking life and never settling. #iam1stphorm

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Ignore the ignorance 💪🥇

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I recently discovered I had Candida overgrowth which led to a ridiculous amount of infections/issues in my body... Fatigue, digestion issues, UTI’s, yeast infections, ETC! Candida is literally ruining my life and I am SO OVER IT 😭 A lot of people may have no idea what I’m talking about but if you have it... You know the struggles 😣 I’ve recently been doing a ton of research on what foods are recommended for the Candida diet and which foods to avoid. I came across a ton of blog posts about bone broth being one of the best ways to heal your gut! I know you saw this in my story but I wanted to leave the recipe here for people that want to go back to it.
📌This is probably the strongest gut medicine for most people. The collagen in the broth are building blocks to a healthy gut lining. Because it contains no sugar, it can also help starve down fungal overgrowths and turn down inflammation.
-Beef, chicken, or fish bones (from butcher at grocery store)
-2TBS ACV (this will help pull out important nutrients from the bone)
-2 onions
-a lot of crushed garlic -Pink Himalayan Salt ▪️Quickly bring to boil then let simmer 48-72hr
▪️ A low and slow cook time is necessary in order to fully extract nutrients in and around the bones
▪️Strain with cheese cloth
🔴Anyone that has similar problems there are many more symptoms you may be experiencing, do your research, change your diet, there are so many people that go through the same thing!!

Heisy Yossely (@the_fit_kams)

Going through my videos and I gotta say, the joy I felt when I heard my friends and family in the background was the GREATEST feeling ever. Knowing all these wonderful ppl where there to cheer me on was amazing. Can’t wait to experience this again!!!
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Got creative with my bone broth this week. 🌮

Roxie (@roxisaurus_rex)

I got through a whole workout without banging my elbow on a machine or my knee on some weights! But the chronic klutz I am I waited til I was at home to knock my knee into the radiator and my elbow into a wall. Meanwhile, my glutes are still too sore from a challenging workout. Win-win? #klutz #poorbody #gluteworkout #chicago #edgewaterathleticclub #girlswholift #girlsgonestrong #strongisthenewskinny #xxfitness