Lisette🍍 (@fitwithlisette)

Vandaag staan mijn schouders op de planning! Ik heb niet veel tijd om te trainen en daarom dus een korte, maar snelle workout. Ik wil op maandag altijd wel trainen om de week goed te beginnen! Hoe begin jij jouw week goed?!💪#monday #monday #workout

Emily 💋 (@protein_princess94)

My Monday motivation for today- lifting heavy weights will not make you manly or bulky. If you flick through he pictures you’ll see my lifting and flexed photos where I have neck and shoulder veins then in normal clothes showing the curves that I have slowly managed to build through hard work. It hasn’t been an easy path but I’m slowly getting where I want to be an having a healthy balance with food. Ladies it’s okay to step into the weights room and own it- we are stronger than you think 💪 No one should intimidate others in the gym- everyone has their own reason for being there ❤️ Happy Monday ✌🏻 .
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B O D Y F I R S T Nutrition (@bodyfirstnutrition)

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J e n B a u c o m (

When I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism years ago, at that time I just accepted it.
Take a pill for the rest of your life because you don’t produce enough of the thyroid hormone.
Sure, ok. A Synthetic prescription that never really helped symptoms go away.
Brain Fog stayed around, along with Weight Gain, Hair Loss, and Never feeling right again.
Enter 2 years ago. Why I waited to do something about it I will never know. I finally had enough.
You know this one. If you are like me girl you get it. You are happy go lucky, life is awesome and not much bothers you. You go with the flow and you are a fucking Warrior. You can handle a Shit TON of overwhelm, overload, stress, anxiety, and being pushed to an edge. You take it, and take it, and take a little more until finally, one day, you are like Fuck this shit. Done. Nope. Um, NO. Ba Bye.
I changed my Life by sticking to Habits I created, and turned into those into Daily meetings. We are Badass and Bosses. Bosses don’t cancel meetings. Schedule them.

Meetings were this👉Adding DAILY Exercise, eating clean, dropping sugar, gluten, soy, and crap. And never. Giving. Up.

Was it hard? Not really. Baby steps got me there. Dropped 30 lbs and ditched the FOG.
Do some research. Throw the crap out.
You will be at that edge soon, girl.
The Key is this👉Just START.
Let’s have a chat. I got your back. Always.

When are YOU going to do something about it?

GYMBUNNY 🖤🐇🖤 (@kingly_keekee)

‘But your love ain’t free... she’s working at the pyramid tonight’ 🎼🎹🎤Monday motivation 🖤🐇🖤 #gymbunny #kinglykeekee

Adam Maywald (@bluelakecrossfit)

Massive kudos to these cool cats, each cranking out a 70kg back squat! Both Jess and Emily are some of our newer members, and after only their first solid back squat sesh, we reckon the sky's the limit! 💪🏋️️💪🏋️️💪🏋️️ #bluelakecrossfit #crossfit #crossfitaustralia #backsquat #fitforlife #canlift #fitnessmtgambier #crossfitgirls #girlswholift

Shy N (@thelittlelifter_)

Are you a silent lifter or do you grunt in the gym? Im a silent lifter 🙋🏻 So all imma be posting now are short training snippets, maybe a few food info clips, gym selfies, me with food and bikini shots. Hey hey to the bikini gym shots ayyy 🤦🏻‍♀️
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Emily Branson (@_emmybfit_)

Or at least the me I am in my head is! Some days the dreams I have I am turning into realities. I am working on making it everyday that I am a doer! The me inside my head does see possibility and opportunity in every day! The me inside my head is not afraid, is not too busy and does not shy away. Every day I am learning and growing and changing.