DrMonteagudo (@camonteagudo)

Hoy toco ver en el sillón dental a @athego #GOA #MejoraTuVida

✈️ Joezel Rizi Nubla ✈️ (@rizigoesplaces)

Only in Goa where I saw cows enjoying the beach. It looked bizarre for me at first, but since cows are considered sacred or holy in India, it's normal that they don't fear becoming a burger or a steak and would just relax as much as they want. What a lucky life! Haha!

Van Ny (@_van_ny__)

Das wird ne sause nich mehr lange u dann is wieder floorwärts angesagt ☝️ 🕉️👣#Goa #besteparty #erscheinenistpflicht ☝️

borrowed BLU (@borrowedblu)

Golden hour delight! .
Neo-Florentine White + Gold Charger, White + Gold Dinnerware Collection, SIREN Champagne Flute & Coupe & Stemless Wine, Goa White + Gold, Organic Cotton Napkin in White

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#india #goa #baga #kalangut #travel #впечатления #like4like #instagood Прекрасные воспоминания переполняют меня 💙💚💛💜