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Meet everyone with a sense of purpose and gratitude.
It's so amazing how anyone I've met from the front desk, assistant, owner, colleague or competitor, I've made friends and many people who've served a greater purpose in my life..
This has been from the East to Westcoast...
This is why I stress to be kind, humble and treat everyone with dignity. You never know where you will see people again in your life. Today's situation is not tomorrow's.
Look at everyone as someone to learn something from no matter what position or title they have. You may see someone beneath you or a competitor, tomorrow they may be the person deciding on your job, a person you may need help in some capacity. For the tides just may turn...
Live and meet everyone with purpose and yes gratitude...
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Sometimes in London it’s easy to get caught up in our own stresses - to focus on that impending deadline, that scary job interview, that ‘catch up’ with your boss where you feel like you’re walking the plank. And it’s easy to stride down the street so blinded by your own panic to notice anyone else around you.
To anyone feeling that midweek anxiety of ‘how will I make it to the end of the week’, ‘what have I achieved this week’ or ‘how can I do better’ - sometimes the best thing you can do is reach out to someone else who might be able to help you - and you’ll probably be helping them right back.
Thank you to @samaritanscharity for all that you do - listening to others is the most powerful tool we all have at our fingertips and it’s always a two way street 🙌🏻 A more serious post than usual and a bit left field - but would highly recommend these 14 minutes of your time.

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Spring is such a beautiful season, when the nature delights us with its abundance and shares its pure beauty 🌸 it is the time to start blossoming for you too! Let yourself show the true and beautiful colours you have, don’t hide your inner awesomeness and share it with the world! Happy Spring my Friends! 🌷💐🌷

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"When you're on top of the world, do me a favour and just enjoy the view, instead of looking for ways not to fall." 💭
Sometimes great moments surprise us, fall into our laps and just sort of... happen. At the same time others take determination, investment and hard work. But all great moments should be embraced, before they become mere memories. Take time to breathe, reflect and appreciate your most prized possession; yourself . Even if you're not on top of the world, you have all you need to take you there 💖💪🏼 #belief #gratitude

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LOOK UP! Our heads are down so much now from all our computer and cell phone usage. Put those devices away and get out in nature or your surroundings and take it all in. Touch it, feel it explore it, just do it! 🙃

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Raw organic honey, a taste sampling from a neighbor. I'm in a joyful mood!!The flower is a local variety, that the bees pollinate, & get nectar from. This honey is super-sweet!! #organicchats #honey #instazen #instavibes #gratitude #grateful #wisdomwednesday #healthy #supereats #honeycomb #beegood

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Follow your heart always, you owe it to yourself.

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I love this asana, it's one of my favourites. The Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (King of Pigeons) is great for opening the hip joint and releasing negative feelings and undesirable energy stored in your system. Although I'm not very bendy in the lower back, I find that when I succeed in getting to and holding the pose, it gives me a strong feeling of confidence.

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Autumn Cacao (almond milk, dash of coconut milk, raw cacao and a dollop of coconut butter).
Rainy days, sun salutations + meditation listening to the rain, warm drinks, beach views, working cross legged on the couch.
I am so grateful for these small things that make me happy.
What are the simple things that you find joy in and have gratitude for?
#rainydays #gratitude #cacao #hotcacao #findyourbliss #chooseyou #selflove #selfcare

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Want to achieve your goals?
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The Medicine Women (@themedicinewomen)

There are moments in life when the Universe drops into your life some challanges you can’t avoid. Moments in which you walk on bumpy roads that lead you straight to meet your darkness. Darkness. What does it really mean? We have been raised up thinking that it is the evil, but actually isn’t it just a different shade of light? It’s a different vibration of the same essence you are made of. It’s the part of yourself that most teachesy you and makes you grow. It pushes you towards discomfort zones to make you evolve. You can’t get to know the light if you don’t know the shadow as it doesn’t exist a sunrise without a sunset. So in this way the duality of poles is reflected in ourselves, the yin and yang that are One.
When we accept of going through the dark sides, we are able to give birth to a better version of who we are.
On this day of balance between light and darkness, we can learn to embrace them with the same passion and love, looking forward to meet the real essence of our soul.
Learning to swing between them, we learn to flow through the life stream.
#equinox #darkness #light #shadow #sunshine #yin #yang #learning #evolving #spiritual #growth #balance #path #life #love #acceptance #gratitude

Adam Kriger (@realestatecaffeine)

Meeting today with these game changers. Google’s parent company Alphabet just bought Chelsea Market right across the street for 2 Billion USD. It’s another link in the big push tech giants are making to make a presence in large cities. ____
Did you know? Nabisco’s original factory was housed here until they moved to our home in Northern NJ— their NBC plaque is still found on the building’s facade.
Look out:
Amazon is currently looking for a city to call home for its next big real estate purchase and hub.

Courtney - Habit Babe (@habitbabe)

All smiles from my surprise birthday last week ✨💕 White Hydrangeas, white candles, white balloons, and a many bottles of champagne later... I have so much love in my life, so grateful ❤️