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Christmas Gym Crawl! It’s all for the kids so bring a toy! In two days we will be throwing some weights around, (safely 😉 of course), running, cycling and yoga-ing (I️ promise that’s a thing) come join us for an amazingly fun time and sweat your ass off for about 90 Minutes! 7 am or 8 am. Sign up to reserve your spot, we promise not to kick you out if you don’t 🤣 We know how to make working out fun, so bring a friend and let’s get this party started! 💪🏽🏋🏽‍♀️🚴🏽🤸🏽‍♀️ #gymcrawl #workoutmotivation #getfitnow #christmascountdown

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Its all too easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day running of your life you become overwhelmed and fed-up. We focus on what we don't have, and all the stuff we 'have' to do get-by which makes it all the more important to take time out of each day to think about what we ALREADY HAVE.
My gratitude list today:
1. I have a home. I am so, so fortunate to be able to afford a roof over my head. The universe seems to be on a mission to bring my attention to homeless people, it's bizarre how many references there have been lately which has got me thinking about what I can do to help these folk who have to live on the streets, freezing cold.
2. My break up this year. It showed me how strong I can be and the resilience I have when the chips are down. Quite genuinely, it's the best thing that could have happened to help me grow as a person this year.
3. My business and my clients. It's going from strength to strength, I've found my groove and my clients have become some of my closest friends
Get involved: what 3 things are YOU grateful for? Comment below!! ⬇️
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@authenticallyrae used our Lemon Grass Leave In conditioner and Dulce Hydrating Curl Lotion, and Aloe Berry Styling Gel for this twist our updo! Shop now ➡️

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"People come into your life for a reason. They teach you lessons, bring you happiness or maybe sadness, open your eyes to new experiences, help you discover who you are and what you want.  People sometimes also leave your life for a reason. They leave because they’ve served their purpose, because they’ve taught you what you need to learn and now it’s time for you to move on. These people, the ones that come and go, aren’t meant to stay.  When they leave, the pain cuts deep.  Yes, you may have lost a lot when they walked out. You may have lost memories, dreams of a future together and early morning cuddles. You may have lost goodnight texts, a relationship status on Facebook and the comfort of knowing you aren’t alone.  Losing always hurts.  But guess what. You also lost a few other things.  You lost ignored texts and phone calls, cold hearted manipulation and the feeling of never being good enough. You lost hurtful comments, being told it was always your fault and the way he didn’t care when you cried. You lost a man who emotionally abused you.  So while it’s hard, it’s not a loss. He came into your life and gave you a “learning experience”. For that, be grateful. Grateful for what few good times you had and for him showing you how strong of a woman you could be.  So stop acting like you let go of something valuable, stop giving him that power. Pick yourself up, stitch your heart back together and tell yourself everyday that this is not a loss but a win.  Losing him is okay. Losing him is MORE than okay. Because in losing him, you found yourself, found your voice, found your dreams again. If you’ve finally let go of someone toxic and you don’t think you’ll ever get over them, if you are blaming yourself, don’t. Please don’t. They aren’t worth your energy or your tears anymore. They aren’t worth anything to you now.  You may have lost them, but you won something better. You won your life back." 💋
Excerpt by Amanda Tarlton
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I fuck with real niggas everywhere @peewee.brownn @38weezy 💯💯💯💯 #tbt

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Recognize the resentments that are weighing you down. Only when identified can you release/remove them. Sometimes the work is repetitive but it rejuvenates.

At the 20 second mark, I meant resentment 😁😂

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The pullback in Bitcoin could only reach the 38.2 percent Fibonacci retracement levels, which shows strength. From the lows of $12,505 on Dec. 10, the cryptocurrency surged about 39 percent to hit a new lifetime high at $17,389.95 on Dec. 11.
The long wick on Dec. 10, shows enough buying support at lower levels. Since early October the price has closed below the 20-day EMA only once. Therefore, the first sign of bearishness will be when the price movement breaks down below the 20-day EMA. Until then, all dips are likely to be aggressively purchased.

On the upside, we see some selling above the $16,700 levels. Though the digital currency has breached the $17,000 mark on two occasions, it has not been able to sustain the level. Therefore, once it breaks out and holds above $17,000, it is likely to start the next leg of the upmove, which has a target of $24,291.58.

However, it is unlikely to be a straight dash to the above-mentioned target objective. I expect some profit booking at $18,281.68, which is a critical Fibonacci extension level. Above this, $20,000 is likely to act as another roadblock.

For the past six days, Bitcoin’s daily trading range has expanded. I expect a few small range days of trading action, if the price fails to rise and sustain above $17,000.

Initiating fresh long positions can be risky as the logical stop loss position is way lower. I would prefer to wait for a set up to present itself with an attractive risk to reward objective before recommending anything.
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A-1 Prodigy Ent. Is a brand that supports the Community, Kids, Family & Fellow professional Artist's! Our goal is to see all our fellow Singers, Rappers, Indie Professionals work together striving for success in the most Positive way! Let's put our Louisiana CommUnity on the right track! #GodBless #Growth #A1Love

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You have to believe in yourself in order to become successful and receive abundance. What are the disempowering thoughts you have everyday that are holding you back from your greatness? 👉I can’t 👉I’m not good enough 👉 Why bother?👉Life’s hard 👉It will never happen. .
Those thoughts are keeping you stuck. Shift your thinking to 👉I can achieve anything I set my mind to👉I’m worthy👉Success comes easily👉Money comes easily👉Life fucking rocks! Then start to see how your life changes!
If you need some help getting started, click the link in my bio for a free consultation👆

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Just sent out our January acceptance packages! We can't wait to have you join our community here at #sutherlandchan 🙋🙋‍♂️