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Meatless or Non-Animal Protein Sources
Have you seen info about quinoa, peanut butter, or other nuts and seeds being good sources of protein? While they may contain higher amounts of protein than other vegetables or non-meat options, their overall protein content is poor. -
Looking at this graph, you can see that getting 25 grams of protein (what most would consider an adequate amount for an average meal) would require eating 400+ calories in most cases. In quinoaโ€™s case - 682 calories would only yield 25g of protein. -
Compare this to the right side of the graph, and youโ€™ll notice that animal-based foods are superior sources of protein in terms of calorie composition (and amino acid profiles for fitness-minded individuals). But what should you do if you want to avoid meat or animal products? -
First, I would encourage the consideration of a pescatarian (fish) or lacto ovo (milk and eggs) style of eating. If thatโ€™s a no go, youโ€™ll see the pea protein on the far right of the graph. There are plenty of vegan-friendly protein powders that provide healthy amounts of protein without adding a ton of extra calories. -
Whether youโ€™re concerned about protein intake or not, itโ€™s important to realize the calorie composition of the foods youโ€™re eating. Even if youโ€™re eating โ€œwellโ€ and consuming primarily plant-based foods, you can over consume calories and gain body fat/weight. This extra body fat can cause issues and health complications independent from dietary intake.

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Courage will surface in the moment through a bastard desire to be at your personal zenith. No stress or anxiety is required.

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That time when the names of your soulmates are in the window of @lululemon #Whistler ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š These past days have been an incredible transformational experience... I've been getting so much unconditional love, good vibes and knowledge. I feel truly connected to myself and to the people around me. I didn't even know I needed this but it's exactly what my soul has been craving! PRACTICE makes PURPOSE in every single aspect of your life. Are you living in the present moment? Have you let go of your fears? Are you truly honest to yourself? Nite beautiful people! #peakandquiet

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Why is weight loss so fโ€™ing difficult? If you count calories, kill yourself in the gym, and still struggle to lose weight, your body is probably in a state of imbalance. Read more about the role of internal balance and weight loss in our latest blog post- Link in bio

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A healthy diet starts in your kitchen. Here's @arichinnerlifefamily keeping us inspired with this delicious Pumpkin Bread recipe made from scratch! ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿž Yum!

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Cheers to YOU, our wonderful community, for supporting and following us here! Although we don't have product in market quite yet (coming soon!) we are so excited to be on this journey with all of you and can't wait to share the health, love and nutrition that is Aprรจs! Cheers! - Sonny and Darby โค๏ธ

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Nature holds some of the most powerful natural pain relievers known to man...
There's literally a different medicinal plant depending on what ails you - for example:
Roasting garlic in olive oil and then using a few cooled drops for ear aches works incredibly well...
Tart cherry is also fantastic for gout and uric acid based joint pain...
And one more of my favorites is horseradish for nasal congestion or sinus pain - It's a powerful herb for opening up blocked passages...
Remember, before reaching for harmful NSAIDs or other pharmaceutical pain relievers, refer to this reference guide for natural alternatives!

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My new bff for post-run stretching: the painful yet highly effective softball to target muscle knots

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