Loz Croft (@lookingforloz)

WHAT ARE THOSE!? Are those some abs popping through?? Who cares if you can barely see them. In this bridge if felt my booty 🍑 and abs burn and it was the best. Like the. Best. Ever. So proud of little ol me making habits, eating well and having a great time noticing muscles I haven’t seen and used in YONKS. Thanks @thecollectiveelite #thece8wc 😘 us together is a great combo!

Jenna Maree (@jenna__maree)

Last night the sky was SHOWING OFF •
I’ve had the most productive day I’ve had since becoming pregnant 🤰🏽 which feels like a lifetime!

Yoga, beach walk with Inds, mowed the lawn, cleaned the house, did the washing, made chocolate, Made bliss balls and caught up on #mafs 🙈

And I’ve been up since 330am (couldn’t sleep) and I didn’t even have a nap, ok now I’m showing off - I must be feeling somewhat normal 😅

I don’t want to jinx myself but 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

I’m opening the doors to @jenna__maree again tomorrow and I’m just a little excited 😍

Fitter Food (@fitterfood)

⛔️ Stop Gambling On Your Health
Everyday is the opportunity to invest in YOU for the absolute ultimate return... YOUR HEALTH
Every meal you eat, every workout, every smile, every laugh and every good night sleep is an investment in you, your health and your longevity and I think it’s something we all need to remind ourselves of more often.
Question is: are you in? Awesome news 👏🏻
#fitterfood #fitter16 #fitter365 #investment #health

Andrew (@thecorporatefitnessguy)

One to try this week in the gym?

10x Romanian deadlifts
10x Barbell curls
10x Back rows
10x Squat press
10x Bench press
10x Leg raise barbell holds

30 secs rest
Repeat 3-5 times

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irena_fitmom (@irena_scri)

Kako bi započeli što pozitivnije ovaj tmurni ponedeljak, šaljem vam puno pozitivne vibre sa našeg subotnjeg Healthy daya😊
Puno info o prehrani i kako stvoriti zdrave navike, svi su pozorno slušali a tražilo se i mjesto više..FULL HOUSE 😍
Ubrzo info o slijedećem Healthy dayu gdje vas očekujemo u još večem broju 😍
Uspješan ponedeljak svima želim!!❤️
Follow my journey and if you want ask me for more about my healthy and active lifestyle!!
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Adam Martin Bsc Msc ESSAM (@the_no_breakfast_guy)

🦄While you might not be having the best day or you have been doing everything you can to reach your goals and the results just aren’t coming through like you had hoped, have a little perspective on life.
🥊The fact you are in this moment in time where humans have it better than any other generation that has come before it, should be seen as the ultimate win!
☔️We all have to deal with shitty hands from time to time and it can seem like the world is against you. However if you consider just how tough life would have been to those living through the Black Plague or the Great Depression you will realise life’s problems are that big.
🤖Its about time you stop complaining at how bad you think life is and realise just how GREAT it is.
🐶Grab it by the throat and take control and realise you have everything at your fingertips to change your life and make it into what you want it to be.
💡You want to lose weight, start putting in the work, you want to quit your job and start that business you have always been talking about, DO IT!
🎉Life’s FAR to short to sit back and dream about the “what if’s” So what are you going to do about it?
🤗Are you going to take action and do something you have been saying your going to do for years, or just continue complaining and never take action?
❓I would love to hear what it is your taking action on in the comments below!❓

HANNAH MILLS • TEAM #WEDGETTES (@wedgesandweights)

🐢Whether you run hard or walk, squat 100kg or 10kg - it's the EFFORT you put in that counts, not your speed, no matter your starting point. What I always say to my clients when working with them to achieve their goals is don't expect to see lasting change in a matter of moments. Maybe you gained weight over the last 3 years - well how can you expect your body to flip that round miraculously in 3 weeks?! It's just not realistic and it's definitely not healthy. Not to mention unsustainable. .
📲 In today's world we're used to getting things instantly at the click of a button - emails, online shopping, ordering food... but to truly change your habits, body composition and mindset, takes TIME, EFFORT and CONSISTENT practise. .
✖️No matter what quick fixes they try to sell you. Focus on nailing these first, and the lasting results WILL follow! .
💕Tag a friend who needs to see this! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
🏋🏼‍♀️BODY CONFIDENCE EXERCISE PLAN > link in bio @wedgesandweights @wedgesandweights .
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Joana Sá Hall (@jo.fitness_pt)

You will NOT be motivated everyday!!! Want to be consistent and make it a lifestyle? Turn exercise into a habit... just like brushing your teeth!!! ☺️ #coach #healthylifestyle #mondaymotivation

Slimtox Hrvatska 🇭🇷 (@slimtox.hr)

Dobro jutro! 😊 Jeste li već popili šalicu dnevnog Slimtox čaja ili Slimtox kave? Ubrzati će vaš metabolizam i dati vam dovoljno energije za cijeli dan ✔️✔️✔️ www.slimtox.hr

~alba~ (@alba.villalba_nut)

🎉¡Feliz dia del padre y San José!🎉 Uno de los pilares fundamentales para prevenir #sobrepeso y #obesidad en la infancia es la adopción de hábitos alimentarios saludables y la promoción del ejercicio físico.
Por tanto, la toma de conciencia y el nivel de implicación de la familia constituyen aspectos cruciales para que los más jóvenes adopten estilos de vida saludables. ➡️¡Mi padre siempre ha sido un ejemplo a seguir! 💪🔩🏃🏋️🚴 ¡¡FELICIDADES PAPÁ!!👏 #obesity #overweight #healthyeating #healthyhabits #healthylifestyle #healthydad #healthydaddy #goodchoices #goodfood #sport #activeliving #activelifestyle #activelife

Victoria XIX (@victoriathenineteenth)

The apple is a lovely fruit. Sweet, versatile, often in season, and resistant to rot for nearly two weeks in the right conditions, I typically slice and eat apples with cinnamon or peanut butter. Occasionally, I’ll cook and add them to oatmeal, as I’ve done here.
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2lovelivinghealthy (@2lovelivinghealthy)

Having a very busy schedule is kind of hard. When I'm always on the go, it's hard to find foods that I can grab along and take with me. If I'm driving far or for a while, smoothies are my life savor!!!! I can add good healthy stuff to it to give me extra energy...like adding nuts or coconut oil or even vegetables!! But I'm not up to trying those things yet... too scary! I'll stick with the yogurt, banana strawberry mango and blueberry! Refreshing as can be! #breakfast #smoothie #onthego #refreshing #goodmorning #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthyhabits #healing #diet