Martha Grate Seagren (@marty_seagren)

I am thankful for my Secret Santa on my health and fitness team! She nailed it on the head when it came to picking out a gift for me 😻. I love being part of this awesome community!

KAYPFITNESS by Kayla Pele (@kaypfitness)

Realize that every day, YOU are in control. You have the power to dictate how you feel, how you live and what you're going to do to get closer to reaching your goals. Run the day, don't let it run you. 👊🏽
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Miriam (@mirgtz)

❤️ this transformation from Josh:
"I thought i was fat and happy. Truth was I was fat and miserable; taking my stress and frustration out on those I loved most and held dear. I started this journey so that my wife could have success, thinking it would not work for me. Despite myslef I lost 32 lbs and have kept it off for 3 years. Now I'm happy and healthy and paying it forward!"
#motivationmonday #newyear

More Holistic Nutrition (@moreholisticnutrition)

Nothing like a superfood hot chocolate on a Monday morning 😍☕️ What’s your favorite way to start the day?

Brittney Saunders 🌸 (@thathealthyb)

Snow & cold weather won’t stop this gal from eating pretty pink smoothie bowls 💕
1/2 frozen banana
1 cup steamed then frozen cauliflower
1 cup coconut milk
1/2 scoop @genuinehealth vanilla proteins+ powder
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tsp maca powder
3/4 cup frozen raspberries
5 ice cubes
Topped with @naturespathorganic cocoa coconut sprouted grains superflakes
Happy Monday!! #thathealthyb

Hillari Herrador, NASM-CPT (@hillariherradorfitness)

Totally overdid it last night. Late night. Star Wars in a theater full of die hard fans that serves chocolate popcorn..and beer. Followed by dinner with old friends at a restaurant that I love and haven't been to in over a, yes, I ate #allthethings.

Waiting for me to tell you how I'll be working it off in the gym today, or doing a detox to make up for it? Ain't gonna happen. .

Part of balanced living means enjoying special occasions within the context of a healthy lifestyle. I don't do "cheat meals." I'm worth too much to cheat on myself. I don't cleanse or detox. My body naturally does that for me. And I don't start over on Monday. I just keep moving forward.

Let's simply make the best health and fitness decisions we're able to on a day to day basis, and do our best to enjoy every minute of our precious lives.

Today will be my usual eats of a high protein breakfast, some version of a big salad for lunch, a balanced dinner, and extra water and rest. .

Happy Monday friends. #sanitynotvanity

Anna Mapson (@goodnessme_nutrition)

Gingerbread Xmas scene, I love the baby snowmen. We made these with wholemeal spelt flour and the kids helped cut out the shapes. .
#gingerbread #christmas #biscuits #homemade #christmasbiscuits

LOVE YOURSELF 💚🍃 (@healthier_habits228)

Spinach, ground turkey and pico de Gallo. 🤤🤤 #healthyhabits 🍃

Jana Epperson (@janaepperson)

Every time I see Brittany’s progress updates, I get so excited for her!! Here’s what she had to say about this latest post:
“Same pants, 2 years and 294 pounds difference. That life jacket barely fit, just as I was barely living my life. I sat on the sidelines most of that vacation because I couldn’t make it through the day.
Today, I truly get to live my life! I’m working each day to break free from my former mental and physical prisons. One day, one step, one healthy habit at a time!” 🔻🔻🔻
Many think that being able to eat whatever you want in the moment is freedom but this is true freedom! @drewepperson #healthcoach #healthyhabits #healthylifestyle #lifeinfullcolor #truefreedom

SarcasticMermaid (@sarcasticmermaid1989)

These messages were contained in my afternoon meditation with #aaptiv 😍😭 I am way too emotional which allows me to realize that I am healing from last weeks traumatic experiences. It’s okay to cry and feel weak. It amazing though to have people all around me reminding me of my strength and how wonderful my life is too ❤️ I would be nothing without all this unfailing support❤️ #meditation #meditationapp #meditationiskey #meditationmonday #meditate #meditatedaily #meditateonthis #believe #believeinyourself #youarepowerful #youarebeautiful #youcan #youcandoit #makeachange #makeachoice #healthyhabits #healthymind #healthyheart #healing #healingquotes #trauma #recovery #recoveryisworthit #recoveryquotes #empoweringwomen #empowering #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #relaxing

Samantha Shares (@the_freshprincess1)

Brrr!!! Chilly days call for.... chilli. Duh.

Packing healthy lunches doesn't have to be boring. Not to mention the countless amount of $$$$ you'll save by bringing your lunch 3-4 times a week! Say bye to those lame turkey sandwiches and try something new. Turkey Chilli recipe in profile.
Stay warm!

Greg (@gregbowen1791)

If you’re sick of starting over, stop quitting..... for real though... we all start at day 1. Every day. Today should be no different. Christmas is still a week away, not today. Make this your week! The week that starts your new life! I believe in you! #MondayMotivation #NeverMissAMonday

Chit.Chaat.Chai (@chit.chaat.chai)

Time to slowly start introducing green juice back into my weekly routine. I prefer to keep the recipe simple. Too many ingredients can be overwhelming & deter me away from taking action. I Try to stick with ingredients that are usually have in my pantry/fridge/grocery list each week. .
Along with using basic Ayurveda food guidelines to help keep the juice and myself balanced. With all the 5 elements and six taste. Taking into account the season & any imbalances so to adjust the quantity of ingredients. I prefer not to add fat, nuts or seeds, I get plenty with my food or tend to use those when making a sweet creamy smoothie. Opting to keep my green juice on the lighter side so not to weigh me down or act as a meal replacement. It’s my daily extra dose of vitamins ~ aside from what I get with each meal. I’ll add water, coconut water or room temp CCF tea,if it gets too thick in my Nutrabullet. .
1. Rich in PRANA: fresh fruits & vegetables that are pesticide free or organic. .
2. Incorporate all six taste: SWEET - raw honey (immunity booster). SALTY- celery. SOUR - lemon juice (winter) lime in the summer. PUNGENT - fresh ginger or powder, parsley &/or cilantro. ASTRINGENT - green apple (its sour too). BITTER - spinach, kale, dandelions and/or bitter melon. .
3. Drink at room temperature. If making a larger batch, I pour a glass out the night before as I prefer to drink my juice first thing in the morning. .
4. Adjust quantity of the amount taken. A larger quantity does not = healthier. Our bodies an only digest and assimilate so much. 6 to 12 oz tends to be a balanced amount. .
#foodismedicine #preventioniskey #keepingitsimple #motivationmondays 📷: @rawlov1

Erika Schultz (@paramountwellness)

Stuck on gift ideas for your family and friends? We did the work for you and created a list of creative and healthy holiday gift ideas on our Pinterest Holiday Gift Board!

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LeahOrlando (@leahshealthtrifecta)

What day are you thinking.... Tomorrow, Another day, Someday, a day i'm not so busy???? 🤔❓ Maybe it's time to start thinking TODAY???!!! 📇

Choose YOU Today!!!!!! Lets talk........ Today!!!! 🗓️ #happymonday #healthcoach #Todayistheday #liveyourbestlifenow #chooseyou #sevendaysinaweek #healthyhabits