Nadia Kachwaha (@nadiakachwaha)

"If we are facing the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking." -Buddhist Proverb
I have created this habit that works for me. And all I have to do now is get out of my bed and my body does the rest before I can think.

Before I go to bed, I set myself up to succeed:
✔️Clothes ready
✔️A tall glass of water by my bed
✔️Workout queued ✔️Journal and pen on the living room table along with my book

No thinking involved! How do you set yourself up to succeed?

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀CHRIS COBURN (@chris_coburn)

If I gave you every tool, resource, and unlimited support for the next year to achieve the body, health, and fitness - how would that change your life?

Give me a year and I’ll show you how to get back on track and build a body you’re proud of — even if you’re struggling to make it to the gym and improve your diet.

I realize when it comes to weight loss, not everyone is SUPER eager to listen to someone else's opinion.

After all, we all know someone who had “done it on their own". The problem is, this approach misses far more often than not. It just isn’t easy to dial everything in... ▪️ Workouts
▪️ Nutrition
▪️ Habit change
▪️ Tight schedules
▪️ Meal prep

Anyway... I have a few spots remaining in my coaching program, and I would love the chance to put your name on one of them.

I really wanted to create a way to help you setup a simple and sustainable way to manage your own nutrition. This means that I’ll be working closely with you to develop a nutrition plan that is based on your individual needs and struggles through a habit based health and nutrition program.

The benefit of habit based nutrition coaching is that you learn a little bit every single day. You practice a new health-improving habit every day. You do something that’s manageable even for the busiest person.

My coaching program helps you make important changes to your eating habits, and lifestyle choices, so you can finally improve your health and get the body you want.

Sound like something you would like to take on? ************************
************************ Comment below or msg me and I can provide additional details. Link also in bio...


Getting a head start on my Sunday Cook up. That's a whole lot of puréed pumpkin and sweet potato 🍠#iquitsugar #iqs8wp #iqs #teammaplebackiqs8wp #foodprep #sundaycookup #gettingorganised #healthylifestyle #healthyhabits

Emily Eats and Drinks (@emilyeatsanddrinks)

Here's hoping this day is as good as this breakfast! Two eggs, bacon, and avocado on a mini bagel. 😋

Wholesome Stef (@wholesomestef)

Currently sitting at the airport waiting to board and doing some last minute emails and pre-loading some podcasts for the flight (@melissaambrosini , @chloescountertop and Ted Radio Hour just to name a few) ✈️ Shits getting real, can't believe this day has finally come 💥✌🏻️PS whilst I probs won't be wearing much or any makeup for this entire month, I couldn't leave with my favourite mineral powder and lippy from @dustygirlsmakeup 🙌🏻

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Have you spotted our drinks at @stnicksmarket yet? Send us a photo to win some free Be drinks !

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Homemade chocolate with dairy free ice cream 🍦. Healthy eating doesn't have to be plain & boring! #healthyhabits #treats

The Torez Way (@__thetorezway)

#ThursdayTips - 5-Steps to stop procrastinating on your weight loss journey

Join me today Thursday 29th June at 12 noon where I will be having a live broadcast on Facebook and Instagram.


You don't want to miss this.

Join live, invite your friends and loved ones.

Chat soon...

Spirited Well-being (@stephaniekirylych)

Do you dream about being an aspiring bean of light for your JOB? News flash! 💫💫 You CAN!
The spiritual lessons and practical business tools that I learned in Spirit Junkie Masterclass with @gabbybernstein helped me shine as a massive beam of light. In BOTH my day job at a college and my coaching business. I apply the tools I learned in SJMC everyday at work and my staff is more engaged, fulfilled and lit up. And other people notice. I'm asked all the time to come into staff meetings or classes and "do whatever I do" to help people relax, feel happy and find their purpose.
You don't need to be a coach or yoga teacher to take SJMC. I was a college registrar when I completed the course!! ~
Today is the final day to enroll. 💫Add beam of light to your resume:

Melissa W (@snacks.and.tracks)

My best days start with sweat! Really loving the morning workouts. I'm doing three days a week right now and I find I have so much more energy and focus throughout the rest of the day. I highly recommend it!
Here come the hashtags...
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Kat | Rosier Co (

Much like this cabbage here, I'm cramming.... cramming for a biochemistry exam 😱 But once it's out the way, I've got some changes coming to my website which means more blogs and recipes and fun stuff soon✨ WOO!
Follow me here 👉🏻 🌹

Sandra 😇 (@moedens)

Kiedy mi mówi, że ma chyba niedobór magnezu, bo drga mu powieka to wiem co zrobić ✌️Ciasto o wdzięcznej nazwie wymyślonej przeze mnie, czyli ŚLIWKA W CZEKOLADZIE 💟
Zbieram chętnych na przepis 👼

To będzie piękny dzień, nie? 😋
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