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Vegan peanut butter cups in the making! Omg, if these come out even half as good as the batter tasted, I will share the recipe on my blog. Most homemade peanut butter cup recipes use coconut oil and sugar, and they don't taste very good - with an oily residue. But my recipe calls for dark chocolate and vegan Shakeology as the base, so it's leaps healthier and tastier.

Some people have asked me what I intend to do for Caine for holidays like Valentine's Day, Easter, and Halloween, where candy is marketed and pushed left and right.

My husband and I are helping my son have a love for family, experiences, learning, and nature. With that, our view on holidays is that of appreciating one another and spending time together. That might look like making our own homemade treats and enjoying festive films or visiting our local museum or theatre for a holiday show. Whatever it is, we will form these family traditions and make them the staple of our holidays. A lot of people are way too food obsessed when it comes to holidays. They gorge and binge on food - and unhealthy food at that - and then feel chronically sick and tired. Been there, done that. I choose not to live that way. I have been much happier since shifting my mindset about holidays, and I enjoy them even more now (Go back and look at my Thanksgiving feast post). 😁

In addition to creating treats together, there are many great organic vegan candy companies out now, so Caine will have amazing opportunities to enjoy more delicious, healthier treats that don't have chemicals, preservatives, additives, animal products, and other junk in there.

One company we will eventually try is @hunnybonsweets which makes organic vegan, gluten-free treats near us in NYC. And the packaging is so cute! I can't imagine any child opening one of their boxes on Valentine's Day and not being super happy. Everything looks amazing. Also, my local natural foods market carries vegan jelly beans in bulk and lots of other packaged treats too.

Overall, he will definitely not be missing out on anything, in fact quite the opposite. In my view, he will be living a full and vibrant life.

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What a wonderful day for a morning workout!✨ it's been raining for the past 4 days which only makes me want to stay in bed and nap all day, but this morning I got my butt out of bed at 7:30 and sweat it out! I'm feeling great right about now. Going to fuel up with my @designerprotein and get ready for class! It's almost Friyay!!!!💪🏼

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Don't stop until you're proud! ☀️ #beYOU

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Symptoms aren’t there to be suppressed, they are messages from your body and an indicator of a deeper issue. Align’s naturopathic doctors will help you listen to these messages and tie them together to find the root causes of a health issue and how to best address it holistically.
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Last assignment is handed in 🤸🏻‍♀️🎉 ready for my first gym session back tomorrow morning and I cannot wait! 🏋🏻‍♀️👌🏼 it's been a long time coming
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10.30 sp kahvaltısı

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So excited to have these ladies on our team! 💚 They started off as clients loved the products & are now ready to help change lives around them!! 😁💪🏼 Welcome & congrats on taking this next step! 🎉
#DreamChasers 💎

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This fun fact frightens me.. Clean eating is really quite simple. Once you learn the how and why behind it and have the tools to do so, your body will crave it. #fitover50 #50fitandfabulous #cleaneating #healthyliving #feelgood #arbonnestrong #gymlife #doesabodygood

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Nothing beats a Pilates day when you wake up and realize how much you need to just pause and breathe - but your craving that hard work too #balance

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El entreno de la mañana de hoy fue en el centro la marca que cuida mi suplmentacion hace mas de un año y ahora con instalaciones direccionadas para atletas de alto rendimiento,entramientos personales para iniciantes con profesionales capacitados y en breve tendremos deportes de contacto personalizados como Jiu-Jitsu , Grappling , Defensa Personal 👊🏻. #healthylife #healthybody #healthyliving #battleropes #battleropesworkout #bjjandfitness #healthylifestyle #fitnessaddict #griptraining 🐸👍🏻

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23 Days to Go (Post from yesterday): Bootcamp in the PM....had a little cheat snack (not gonna lie) green tea ice cream with coconut flakes from Popbar😜 #healthyishappy #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #healthyliving #healthyfood #motivation #determined #dedication #dontgiveup #determination #positivity #success #stayfocused #stayfocused #stayontrack #staypositive #thatsthegoal