Emily Medonis (@fatlife.fitbody)

Damn! We are like in attack mode today. Me and the hubs are getting sh** done!!!
Ever notice how pumped and energized you become after you spend money on something awesome!
We hesitated for about a few years, but biting the bullet and finally getting these floors redone feels so great!
I was raised by a cheap woman (sorry Mom, but you know it's true). Money was spent very cautiously and carefully. I'm grateful for this kind of upbringing however because it taught me the value of hard work!
Honestly, I think I'll always be a bit cheap and I'm ok with that. However, I'm beginning to understand the concept of put value in, get value back. In other words, spend money. Value it of course, and don't blow it, but, for example, that project you've always wanted to do, or that training you've always needed to get to the next step in your career, go for it! Even if you don't feel like you can afford it, do it, cause, you'll be amazed by how much the universe has got your back! The money will manifest itself, somehow. But not only that... remember, put value in, get value back. Money spent carries with it a certain amount of energy, so when you spend it and feel confident with your decision you open yourself up to receive that energy back.
Not only did our floors get done but I got all the furniture put back in place, washed down the walls, scrubbed the refrigerator, fixed my broken desk, put those foam pads under all the furniture, weeded the garden, did a 30 minute Beachbody workout + jog, bleached all the grout on the countertops, put away all the clothes from our vacation, and this day is only 1/2 over!!! Now it's off to the new Aldi's to fill my clean, but very empty refrigerator. 💙

Monica Nelson (@monimealfitness)

Last Summer vs. This Summer.
Still rocking the bell bottoms, still without a doubt always found at the farmers market & the only wee lil' change... just one new blissful addition that's growing stronger & sweeter everyday!

Jordy Davis (@jordykdavis)

PSA - .
Whether you have rock hard abs or not, you skin WILL hang when you're in a plank position. .
Contract that Core and just embrace it! Breath through it and remember WHY you're doing what you're doing. .
You're beautiful and strong. Don't forget it.


My Sunday's are meant for yoga and spending time with my pups and loved ones ❤️
What is your favorite Sunday activities?

Sara 🌺 (@findinghealthandhappiness87)

Yesterday's smorgasbord lunch was so yummy, I had to have it again! Only this time I added a salad with this @skinnygirl honey dijon dressing - only 10 calories and 0 sugar, and it tastes amazing!

Kayla🏃🏽‍♀️ (@kaygor)

If you can't tell by the smile on my face - this 8 miler was 👌🏼. Week 3 training for half #7 ✔️ #healthyishappy #runhappy #wearetherunners #runlikeagirl #runlife #gopro #goprorunning #marathoner #runnershigh #runsquad

Katy Jo Kramer (@katyjokramer)

Sunday mornings are my favorite. I love spending quiet time in prayer and enjoying coffee and breakfast. I even love when it's raining ☔️ and it gives me an excuse to be a LITTLE bit lazy. So anyway-I found one of the best ways to make eggs when you can't eat them with bread! I had to stop eating all grains and anything with gluten because my body hates it even though my heart LOVES it (I'm a gimmie all the carbs, girl). This mornings breakfast was 2 eggs over medium topped with salsa that had peppers, chiles, corn and black beans. 😱the best part about it is the salsa is healthy & even gives you a source of veggies in the morning!

Katie and Adam (@trilife_fitwife)

It's not about being skinny it's about being healthy! Too many women are stuck on this idea of a "perfect weight", weight is just a number!
Weight does not equal health! Focus on getting down to your goal size, improving your fitness and creating an overall healthy active lifestyle! Let us show you how to get started, message us if you are ready for a change!
#weightlossjourney #motivation #inspiration #fitnessmotivation #womenshealth #womensempowerment #strongnotskinny #healthyishappy #healthyeating #blackdress

▫️Sam ▫️ (@trimtheham)

Post-shopping fuel 🍣

Heather Bailey (@heatherjourneytofit)

If you are waiting for a sign to start, consider this it. Stop waiting for a new day, a new week, or a new year. Start now and make future-you proud

Haley Vanaman (@volpaeluna)

"Because. Weights. It's my therapy." My first Olympic weightlifting comp done and I feel more motivated then ever. I went 5 for 6 and ended up with a 130 total. I've only been lifting for just over 3 months and I'm more dedicated then ever. (Please excuse the blurry videos) Thanks to all those who came to support me and a special thanks to @coachmychael, @maria.snyder and @elitebarbellclub.


R E B E K A A R A N Y I (@yourfitbee)

Appreciation Post ♥️👊
So I found this picture a week ago or so and it made me think of all the amazing girls part of my life who see and hear what I struggled with and all the amazing girls who have never met me and are just so kind and caring that they supported me and motivated me to get back on tract!
So thank you to all! For all the tips, motivation, caring you put towards me and others on social media!! #girlpower
Starting this fitgram was one of the greatest thing I ever did because it opened up a whole world of amazing people 💕
And also everyone else who I didn't tag, thank you!! •

Today I'm probably going to the gym getting a light workout in, and cutting out everything bad of my diet! Also going to run and grab some groceries
Tomorrow I'm starting the potato diet!! I'm a little nerves my results won't be as great but you never know unless you right right?! Get ready cuz starting Monday I'm back to my regular posting 😊🌻

B E C C A S M I T H (@beccasmithfitness)

Feeling confident enough to rock it ✌🏻️ that's the kinda feeling you want when trying on clothes right? I know I do! You do to right? 🦄📲💁🏼