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I see you, three day weekend. Tag your Memorial Day buddy! What are you up to? I have two dates with my husband this weekend and one with my daughter! #yahoo

LIBIER (@libierreynolds)

#fridayintroductions ! A little intro about me for any of you who might not know me yet. I was born in Mexico and no one thinks I'm Mexican because of how white I am. 😂But alas I am a Mexican through and through and I love my #Mexico. I came to Sacramento when I was eighth years of age. My whole life I have loved to being on stage, performing. As a matter fact all the way growing up until I was planning my wedding, almost 9 years ago, I was in musicals and shows. I moved to LA to follow my dreams but I was raped and came home devastated. After a while, I married my love @dougreynoldsrealestate . And we have two daughters, Maddy and Haylee. My family is dear to my heart! I am passionate about working on myself, on my brain and my spirit so that I could be the best me, wife and mom. In 2014 I had the worst year of my life. I got my memories of being abused as a kid back as I had suppressed them and I had to confront those wounds head on with the help of God. That year was so hard on my family and my husband and my kiddos. I was experiencing PTSD almost every single day. I had deep depression and anxiety. And I honestly didn't know if I could have a normal life ever again. But through that time God showed me how to fight, fall apart and how to lean on his word. He showed me how to pray myself out of the hole I was in. And he healed me with his love. There are many, many parts of me that are still healing from all of the trauma that I endured as a kid and young adult. I will be a work in progress until I die. However, the life of freedom and joy that I live now, is miraculous. After that long year of so much emotional pain, I regained my dreams and my life back. God gave me a purpose in life and that was to worship him and to believe him at his word for my life and my dreams. And I vowed to myself that I would courageously pursue HIM and what I thought He'd placed deep within me. So I began a journey of blogging - making videos -writing songs- taking photos of my #ootd - I've made a gazziillion mistakes on this journey and through all my "failure" I have found my strength; God! 🙌🏼 It's nice to meet you! Where are you from?

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So fierce #Repost @sarah_georgiana: As a person, student and dancer it's important to reach out and encourage one another everyday. Life is hard, sometimes unfair, sad, difficult and trying but if we work together to share kindness, smiles and words to lift one another up, we can help point ☝️ each other in the right direction. #soeldancewear #peytonposse #artkehambassador #dncrfam #ilikedance16 #adefam #photoshoot #model #dancer #beuniquelyyou #dabfeatureme #_talentsupport #mydancegift #onajourney #goingsomewhere #hello2017 PC:proof by @artkeh Dancewear: @soeldancewear

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You can leave, but your heart will hang around. #steeltown #letsgopens

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Strolling into the long weekend like....#fridaybestday 📷: ourgoodadventure blog

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First/Last Day of school! My babies are getting big! #goodbye2016 #hello2017 #youaremysunshines