Carrie Perreault 💨 (@carrie_perreault)

Can you cut my sheet of melamine into these pieces? #artnotfart #homedepot #chopchop #iknowwhatiwant

Krystle (@krystle.n.baum)

Started my “Gift Card Window Display”...I have to try to keep my coworkers from stealing it when I’m done! Lol #homedepot #homedepotlife #homedepotholidays #parkesburgpa #homerapron

Lindsi Boss (@lindsi.s.boss)

Had a little helper with us today as we picked out our new kitchen appliances. We had an quick hour in between work and errands and getting the older girls from school to get the fridge, oven, dishwasher and hood ordered. To be honest today was a crap shoot, but spending it with these two, who brighten my life, how can I be anything but extremely grateful for all of our blessings! God is good, all the time God is good💛 #homedepot #kitchenshopping #kitchenremodel #family #blessed

Alpha Lock & Key 🔑🔐🇺🇸 (@alphalockandkey)

If you own a cheap @sentrysafe we can open it with a magnet in 10 seconds or less 😭🙄 INVEST in a high quality safe to protect your valuables - Give @alphalockandkey a call today 🔐📲