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The very unglamorous side of business #travel ✈️ #throwback to 2 weeks ago, stuck in #London waiting for a flight to #Copenhagen. @flynorwegian was kind enough to put me up in an airport hotel for a few hours. They had the tiniest gym and all my luggage was still in transit. Here I am shadowboxing/practicing in half gym/half travel clothing. πŸ₯ŠπŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’¦ #Boxing #shadowbox #movewell #cantsitstill #jetlag #hotmess #gritty #strongisbeautiful #plantbased

Nova and Barley🐢🐾🐢 (@guerrillaboozehounds)

Doesn’t mud look good on me?🐢😝Mom doesn’t think so πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ#rainyday #muddypuppy #hotmess #butlookhowcuteiam

Jennifer deVega Haines (@prettylittlemessshop)

A little sunshine goes a long way. Brighten someone’s day.

Lauri Lee (@hotmesstoprogress)

When I die, someone please delete my Google search history.
It’s not incriminating, but it sure is embarrassing how many times I’ve looked up β€œHow to cook a chicken” or even β€œWhat does this light mean?”
I swear I’m an adult. It’s just that tiny people have devoured my brain.

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Stacy Ann Burgess (@stacyannburgess)

Happy Tuesday peeps, back to work end to the government shut down. Love my Keto IS Raspberry. 80 Day Obsession Day 09 when I get home, definitely sore but feel stronger! This drink is amazing and I am amazed with my results. What are your New Years resolutions? Lose weight, better health, more energy clear brain fog? If this is part of the new you for the new year let me help! Thank you Keto OS, this was a great way to start my day. This drink is amazing and the benefits are unbelievable. Man I wish I would have started my Keto OS months ago my results are amazing! Want info just ask! stacyburgess.purvitnow.com #keto #ketoos #ketoweightloss #ketoosraspberrylemonade #ketosis #ketotransformation #homebasedbusiness #workfromhome #hotmess

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Liz Rooney (@lizzierooney)

....the past 9 days I have looked like I jumped in a pool after my workouts 😹 .
#80dayobsession #mermaidvibes #getfitliz #rvafit #newyearbetterme #sweatingbuckets #hotmess