Brittany Harris (@brittislilysmom)

Look at this cheeseball!! He volunteered to be my model since it's #dryshampoo day and I'm looking a #hotmess Can't wait to try the new Shake!! (I hear it tastes just like Cake batter!) #100calories #nosugar #soyummy who wants to try one?

Brittany Swayne (@b_swayne)

Sweating like a pig but have to go to the grocery store.... the cool option on my hairdryer is my best friend right now!!! 😂🙈 #FitLife #SweatyLife #HotMess #GirlsWhoWorkout #FitGirlsGuide #FloridaWinters

Crazy Vintage Lady (@crazyvintagelady)

This is why I wear painting clothes almost daily to work.....I'm a hot mess when I paint....but I turn it into pretty things. #hotmess #painteverywhere #dontjudgeme #crazyvintagelady #stayvintagemyfriends

Valerie (@valerie_fit_mom)

I am not one to pick a day of the week, like Sunday, and meal prep. It just doesn't work for my life style. But I do meal prep... I just don't do it all at once. I tend to prep throughout the week. I bought a huge bundle of bananas at Costco yesterday and there is no way my family can go through all of them before they go bad unless each of us eats 5 a day lol. No reason to let them go to waste. I promise the bulk buying was done on purpose. I knew I was going to cut the majority of them up and freeze them to use in my shakes or maybe make banana bread later this month. Meal prepping doesn't have to take hours. It can be just simple things like these bananas or dicing up onions and peppers to cook with your eggs for the week!

Abbey Faucett (@afaucett1219)

Hats. Because when you finish a workout lookin like a hot mess, but still got things to do! #decked #hotmess #fitness

Sarah Andrus Taylor (@sarahandrustaylor)

I feel there has been a grave misunderstanding and need to clear the air.
I have had two people in the past two days ask me for help and recommendations on how to live and stay sane and organized in a small house.
Yes, we have a small house.
Friends, I am neither sane nor organized. My deepest apologizes for this horrible misunderstanding.
Carry on.
#enJoyFunLiving #MagicInTheMess #SoMuchMagicUpInHere #HotMess #ButImARealFunGirl

ConstanceVB (@constance_vb)

In honor of Briggs up coming bday (yes she's not in the pic bc she was passed out somewhere) #PINKCupCakeWar #TB #Hotmess #HadtoScrubtheCarpet 🙄#CleanedtheWholeDay