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Dare to reach out

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I cannot believe we have just witnessed the extinction of a species. I'm not the biggest animal lover in the world but I do love them as much as I love mother nature. This news hit me this morning and I was completely devastated by it. I cannot believe that I might not be able to see a single White Rhino in my life. We are witnessing the dark ages. Where we can the selfish nature of us humans are destroying the world that we walk on. Now I'll leave a quote from Ami Vitale ( @AmiVitale ) "This week in Kenya, I returned to say goodbye. Moments before he died, Sudan was surrounded by love, together with the people who committed their lives to protecting him and giving him the good life he enjoyed. There were the directors and people from the Dvůr Králové Zoo, staffers and his six dedicated keepers from Ol Pejeta, who spent more time with him than their own children. Veterinarians and other people from Kenya Wildlife Services were present as well. Most of them had been crying for days. I gave Sudan one last scratch on his ear. He leaned his heavy head into mine and the skies opened up just as they had when he arrived here nine years ago. He perked his head up in the pouring rain. All was silent except for one go-away-bird." Hope we have learned our lesson and we start to care and respect mother nature. .
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Good Friday Morning!

A bit of a fun story that ties together our travels around this state today.  A few weeks back we were in southern WV for an event @tamarack_wv , and with perfect nighttime conditions after that wrapped up, we decided to wander the area to see what me might be able to capture in the New River regions.  Making a big loop down and around, we headed into Prince, and I immediately had an idea for a photo.  The historic Prince Train Station is a jewel of Art Deco design, and hearkens back to the glamorous yesteryears of rail travel, where these companies paid attention to the little details like the "Chessie Cat" on the floor in the depot (seriously, google the Chessie Cat at Prince and the Chessie system logo to learn a bit of history). So we spoke with the station manager - who's only instruction was "don't cross the tracks", and set up this image.
Fast forward a couple of weeks, and we found ourselves at the repair station for the Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad, and as we were wondering around, we were approached by Jack (if I recall correctly). We had a nice conversation with Jack, and he asked us if we liked trains - and I was able to pull this image up on my phone and talk with him about Prince, the Chessie System, and how, yes, we were definitely into trains.
At that point, we were friends, and we may end up doing a bit of work with those folks this year.
We joke that you don't need 6 degrees of separation in WV, that most things are 2 at most.  But being in the right place at the right time, and willing to talk to people about it goes a long way too.
Hope folks have a great weekend

Prince Station - West Virginia

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{Pretend we’re in Paris}