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the vampire diaries:
1. my first otp:
[S T E L E N A] the first episode ever of tvd they had my heart in the matter of .00001 seconds instantly. something about them made ME feel emotions??? that i've never felt before??? LMFAO they've been my my go-to ship since day one. deserved better!!!

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I loved this scene.
Elena or Caroline? Care

The Vampire Diaries, TO, Reign (@hybridvamp)

Agree or Disagree? D I S A G R E E
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The Vampire Diaries, TO, Reign (@hybridvamp)

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[ care + elena]

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Fc: 12,712 {1x11}
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Why are people so petty and annoying!? I love this scene so much! I love how when Elena asks Damon if she can trust him he says get in the car. 😂
In the end she really did trust him though. ❤️ This is the episode I think I started shipping them. 😍
Q: Do you like school?
A: Hell, no! It is hell and people are so annoying, rude and petty.

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-Quem você prefere? Ian ou Joseph?
-Bom.. Aí você entrou num assunto complicado.. 😹😻❤️
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