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"My siblings and I are the first vampires in all of history, the Originals. Three centuries ago, we helped build a town called New Orleans..."
The end is almost here, last scene currently being filmed 😭😭😭 #AlwaysAndForever

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Hola buenos días de viernes!! Qué paséis un bonito día cargado de muchas alegrías y mucho cariño entre vosotros y siempre ser vosotros mismos!! #iansomerhalder #instagram #instalove #instalike #followme #follow4follow #followforlike

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for Sophie
cc: mine
sorry this is trash but they aren't. I didn't have anything else to post. I'll archive later🤧
I posted my grp recruit (starsial grp) and all the info are in my last post! join if you'd like to❤️
fc: 371
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|I'm lost|
This is for some ppl who run into my life again...
Dear old squad,
Ik i didn't deserve ur forgivness, ik i did a big mistake & all of u hate me...
But still i'm the same person with bad decisions & broken heart.
I'm not gonna make an excuse for what i did i just want u to know i'm sorry and i did that all for a reason & That was Love...
Love makes ppl doesn't think straight, to be selfish and jealous over their soulmates. My sin was being in love so madly & i did all i could to fix my broken heart & that was so selfish of me...
Still i'm in love with her; one side love & she want me to be happy to move on but look!this is not that easy for me but as i owe u once i promise i don't get in ur way or make ur life miserable or destroyed...i promise u ill stay away from u as far as i can cause thats the best thing i can do or else i would make another mistake...
This time i let u go and i put ur happiness matter how hard it is for me but i consider it as my punishment
Old friend, ik u don't trust me anymore but u were the only person who actually understood me and i lost u too
I'm the worse friend ever✋
Miss talkative & fast replyer!i've lied to u and i hurt u and played with ur feelings (u think like that) but u came into my life when i needed someone and u became someone imp to me maybe u think anything i said to u about my feelings were lie but ik what i felt & its not gonna change.
Your old & untrustworthy friend~Ds