Thrive academy (@thrive_academy)

When a potential client says No, you don’t have to feel rejected. Instead, feel grateful because the universe has your back.

Carrie Mallon (@carriemallon)

A few lucky souls have crystal-clear clarity about their path. They are sure of where they want to go and they’ve mapped out a detailed plan to get them there.

But maybe you don’t have this type of gleaming assurance.

Maybe you have an inkling as to what your true desires may be, but you can’t yet see how to take these vague ideas and form a bigger picture. Life presents you with a maze. You're not sure where you're going, so you're not sure how to get there.

You might wonder what’s wrong with you. You might ask for signs. Ache for awareness. Read book. Meditate. Medicate. Soul-search. Wonder and wander.

But certainty isn't necessary.

What if you let yourself explore the mystery one step at a time? What if you embraced the unknown? What if you stopped believing you have to see your whole course charted out in front of you? What if you cleared your mind and gave your soul the space to speak?

You only need to see the next right step – no matter how minuscule that step may be. You only need enough illumination to see what lies directly in front of you. Don't expect your path to show itself in one bright burst. Instead, follow the small but ever-increasing patches of luminosity.

Cindy S Fox (@homeathearth)

@eileenstresscoach Listen to your body what is it telling you

Listen to your heart what is it telling you

Listen to your soul what is it whispering, shouting

We get so caught up in the negative mind or even the positive mind

We don't listen to what our body, heart or soul is trying to tell you

I ended up largely housebound and bed-bound approx 7 years in my twenties trying to resist what my body was telling me.
I was doing what I loved but I was putting terrible pressure on myself to deny what my body was telling me.
I was fortunate to come from a background where I was encouraged and supported to have a positive mental attitude. Definitely more healthy than a negative mindset.

But I didn't have the awareness and understanding to know what I know now. I had tried to beat my dis-ease with so much positivity or motivation for 3 years I ended up very unwell. I was in resistance, denial and so was many around me.

I wasn't listening, I was letting my ego get in the way. Sometimes we are being guided to rest, stop or do things differently.
We often are being guided along another path, meet new amazing and recognise what our true nature is telling us.

Each soul has its own unique path, unique journey, recognise yours not just what someone thinks your soul path is

Not what someone else thinks your body our heart is trying to tell you


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Mayke Niestadt (@maykeniestadt)

opening up to new abilities 🌿👁️🌙
navigating new paths with sensitivity
never knew
I could speak to them
I could speak to God
never knew
I could channel divine energies
he asks ‘how do you do it?’
it just comes naturally
living more truthful each day
and you’ll be on your way
it’s all about alignment
and being connected to your assignment
as the journey unfolds
I see a glimpse of what the future holds
we all have this ability
time to remember our divinity ✨

Ashley (@a_spirit_led_life)

The Angels remind us that we live and work in a world that either inspires us to be ourselves or influences us to fit in. The choice is ours, yet we’re most likely to find contentment and even joy in being who we are whenever and wherever possible.
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Cias avtryck (@ciasavtryck)

What are you able to take responsibility for today? Drive your car with the fuel you have. I’m gonna rest for a little while more 💜

The Weybrew Group (@theweybrew)

If I had one wish that I could share with those I work with, talk to and love, it would be to always remember that YOU choose.
YOU choose.
In that knowing, you gain a Super Power for yourself and your life.
We are here for a special purpose, none of which has to necessarily do with our job. But more so, what we are here to learn and give away. ....
In the process we may find that experiences, people and parts of ourselves can and will fall away. At the same time there will be an abundance of the same that will be drawn to us and enhance us and our life ....
Embrace the ability to choose. This one topic is something I love to help people understand. At this most simple beginning, you open up a world of all that is possible. At every hurdle .. you choose. It’s endless and so amazing.
Stop and think about it for this moment. If you let go of all the inner critics, the barriers you see ahead and just choose in this moment what you desire.. can you even stand the amazing power in it? ....
By following this way forward ... with your Inner Guidance you can do NOTHING but live the most beautiful human experience you have been offered to live. ....
Open the gate and choose. #alwayschooselove #innerguidance #mysuperpower #love #heartcenteredbusiness

Alejandra | Super Soul Daily (@supersouldaily)

Forgive and release because forgiveness isn’t for the other person, it’s for YOU. Each time you forgive, you release RESISTANCE and each time you release resistance you ALLOW the flow of wellbeing, happiness, love, abundance and clarity flood your entire being and you set yourself free. ❥ This is the true power of forgiveness. ~ Super Soul Daily notes by Alejandra 🌸 #supersouldaily #forgiveness #resistance #forgiveyourself

Methods of Divination (@methodsofdivination)

A message from Archangel Michael: Your Inner Guidance is Real and Trustworthy. This card has been drawn for you as you may be feeling uncertain or confused. This card confirms that it’s safe to move forward.. trust in your inner wisdom.

Thank Fuck (@_thank_fuck)

Beauty lies in nature. Nature lies in you. You are beauty. •

Entirely. •

Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Ever.

Thank Fuck (@_thank_fuck)

You know what your gut is telling you. °
Stop overthinking and making life harder than it needs to be. °
Listen; then you will hear the answer.

Woman On Purpose with Rachael (@womanonpurpose.rachael)

Apologies if this sounds like a rant, but fuck it, I just want to shout from the rooftops that it's time  to elevate above the bullshit in our minds that gets in the way of WHAT WE TRULY WANT and WHO WE TRULY ARE. It's time to stop playing small within ourselves and our world and OWN WHO WE ARE TO GRASP THE LIFE THAT RIGHT THERE WITHIN OUR REACH. IT'S TIME. 
Rant over. Big love. ;)
#rememberwhoyouare #borntodothis #onpurpose #authenticself #riseup

Ambriel☀️ (@ambriel1111)

The card that I drew for you today was, Wishes Fulfilled, from The Akashic Tarot by Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor. Sending you love and light💛💕 The scene is a bright and full storeroom, a larder for a sizeable and successful estate. Inside are keys and coins,
wines and spices. Also within the room are a number of baskets filled with a bounty of fruits, vegetables, bread, flowers, sugars, and grains. Even the many windows look out at the expanse of your world.
This card is a sign that the time has come for your wishes to be fulfilled and your dreams to be realized. Difficulties may have challenged you for a time, but even in these, victory is assured. 
There is an abundance of sweet nourishments and acquired lands coming. The keys to the castle are yours. Celebrate!
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Hayley Grammenos (@hayleygrammenos)

Midweek motivation - if you find yourself over analysing, overthinking, looking too far into the future wishing you were somewhere else or back into the past then stop right there and bring yourself back into the present moment with this little mantra ‘I am positively fulfilled and content in this moment’ ☀️📷 @salvagingeden

Thrive academy (@thrive_academy)

Double tap if you’re a transformational leader! 👐❤️💫

Carola Höchst (@sistersofgreatness)

“Wisdom speaks: Listen carefully to my voice. “
It is actually magical that we all have this innate Inner Wisdom Voice. I have come to understand that it is the voice of our Divine Essence that functions like a build-in guidance system.
That’s why intuitive living is the way to roll 💗 Yes?!
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Heal Your Light (@light_healing)

Faith.. it’s a huge part of making miracles. Just the acceptance of what is, letting go and letting ‘God’, and living in the moment as much as possible is all it takes to build this faith.
The narcissist used to tell me ‘you change your mind every three days’. And he was right! That’s because I was fighting a battle between my ego and my higher self. I didn’t trust my higher self but leaning on my ego to condemn him wasn’t helping either.
In the initial love-bombing days I won 3 raffles and 2 x $500 prizes (just monetary but it was my amazing energy that was attracting abundance - I was love!) I couldn’t put a foot wrong. The narcissist was a door to a portal that I never even knew existed. As soon as the covert abuse started and I stopped tuning in to my Higher Self (cognitive dissonance), the portal closed. Synchronicity continued (my son needed to be conceived) but my ego was in full swing and the emotional pain started. I had got myself into a seedy situation and no longer trusted myself to know how to extricate myself the relationship (the deal breaker was sending me a text message for my birthday.. nobody who loves somebody sends a text message for their birthday).
No matter where you are today, take a moment to trust yourself enough to surrender to the wind’s steady embrace and listen to your Higher Self. There is either fear, or there is love. One day you will need to choose - and have faith that everything you need is within you, and that your life is and will be magnificent. What came first? The chicken or the egg? #faith #susatalan #surrender #letgo #letgoandletgod #higherself #intuition #gutfeeling #innerguidance #meditation #1giantmind #listen #acim #acourseinmiracles #VoiceforGod #narcabuse #narcissisticabuse #gratitude #byronkatie #eckharttolle #toltec #healing #lifeafterabuse #awakening #mariannewilliamson #abundance #iamenough #pemachodron #god #miracles