Happy Training by MKA (@happy_training_by_mka)

Jag tror på gemenskap.
Jag tror på tillsammans.
Jag tror på starka människor.
Tillsammans, i en härlig gemenskap, kan vi uträtta storverk och växa till starka(-re) människor.
Omge dig med härligt inspirerande människor, ge massor, få tillbaka. Som ett fantastiskt kretslopp fyllt med positiv energi 🙏.

Owner🏋🏽SECRET FORMULA FITNESS®️ (@jaythebody)

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Nelson Millardspeaks (@millardspeaks)

At times it seems not to be working. It feels as though we got it wrong. As though it was a wrong direction. But in it all, only the rock higher than you is the solution. To some, that rock is a man. To some, it is gods or just whom they have made their rock. But to some, it is He that came with Grace and Truth. When you are overwhelmed, which rock do you wanna be led to?