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In vino veritas, in zuccherino...

coi (@kcoyi)

i remember being 15 cooped up in my room watching anime from sun rise to sun down wishing i could go to japan. so it’s pretty surreal that i was able to experience it first hand and do all the weeb stuff i have ever wanted to do hahaha. i have a lot of pics and vids to edit so i’m gonna spam it up lol. s/o to @drinallec for navigating us around japan and s/o to @tctaba for not retaining any japanese phrases he was told. until next time!!! 💖

💫V I C T O R I A💫 (@_baby_va)

The 90s is back. 🕶️Clothes, shoes, accessories are now just at the peak of popularity.🌟Honestly, I was hoping the nineties would come back, and it finally happened. Film cameras are especially important to me,they convey a special atmosphere, and you can immerse yourself in this world completely. 📸

Do you like the style of the 90's?

Aaron Cedeño (@lumosimages)

Found out yesterday that @delaney.cedeno is a time traveler. She was rocking a SWEET Journey tour shirt from one of their stops in Japan, and then I noticed the date...1981. Laney wasn’t even BORN until like, 2002! But the shirt don’t lie! Doesn’t matter though. The really important takeaway here is how adorbs she is in it. #justgoshoot #portraitmood #portraitpage #portraitphotography #portraitphotographer #teenstyle #lumosimages

Nopavut Young (@knz.young)

Bed is where I should be right now after a long and tough workout, but here I am writing something pointlessly on my notebook which no one will ever have a chance to read it.

Glenn D (@bccdny)

This ⛄️ family on my deck is holding on, but spring has other plans. ☀️ .
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