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Throughout her childhood, Ashley was quiet and collected. She'd rather play with paint rather than play house with the other girls her age. She was unusual, but she wasn't a freak. She had maybe two, three, or even four friends—in her mind at least. She wasn't social and kept to herself most of the time. Other people spoke about her awkward tendencies behind her back, but she ignored them. It was easy to when she was loved by her mother and father. But one day, she decided to take a shortcut to her school. She lived only a mile away, so she thought it was okay to do so for one day. Sadly, she was wrong. Years later she still regrets that morning. If she had taken the bus like a normal person, she wouldn't have been hit by a car and taken to the 'hospital' by a doctor. The 'hospital' was a science lab, and the 'doctor' was a scientist who performed tests on her. She became a monster, and grew close to one Bucky Barnes, as he tried to protect her and keep her out of the hands of Hydra. He failed, giving his life up in an attempt to stop a train with Steve Rogers. She was given a serum that stopped her aging completely. When Bucky showed his face again, she was shocked and couldn't even form words. Steve found her on the train, and introduced her to Peggy Carter. She soon was taken in by SHIELD once Peggy offered her a spot on their team. She's been working there ever since, but in this curse, none of her friends remember her. //People involved in her past are tagged//


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母親もジャニーズにはまって積極的に参加するようになってからなのかな?50よりも多少若く見えるような、多少、ね、、笑 いまでも毎年仕事休んで北海道やら飛んでるので(前後は節約のため食事が質素に笑) 歳を取っても楽しめる趣味って大切ですよね、ジャニーさんに感謝。
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