Lenny (@lennylabradoodle)

Had my headshots done, I have plans to become a professional actor #watchthisspace 🎥 🐶

Max Lopez (@lopez_maxine)

I'm still not totally convinced that this guy isn't a really short person in a puppy suit! #sohuman #labradoodlesofinstagram #rockycreekvineyardlabradoodles #rockycreeklabradoodles

ᏦuᏞᎪ 🌺Golden Labradoodle💜🐾 (@kula_golden_labradoodle)

I love my new friend Momo. I get so excited when I see him I almost ate him.

Poppy (@poppy.the.labradoodle)

Lazy Monday morning for Poppy

Skylie Ryce (@skyliedoodle)

I begged & begged...& Mom agreed to plan another beach day for me! I get to go back in 2 weeks! Some of you guys have asked if I like the water now. As far as we know, the only water activity that I don't like is swimming in pools. My big sis, Raegan, LOVED being placed into water but she hated wading. That always baffled Mom because that meant that instead of letting her wade into water off boats or docks, Mom had to toss her in! 🙈 Raegan would stand on a dock, whine for Mom to grab the handle on her life vest, get lowered into water, swim a quick out-&-back, & paddle back for Mom to pull her back out onto the dock. I seem to be the opposite. I'm not a fan of being placed into water but I did a fine job wading yesterday. I wasn't a compulsive lunatic, though. I mean, it's not like I ran in all willy-nilly style. I actually tried to just dip-dip-dip whenever I could. I had my frisbee out there with me so when Mom would throw it, I generally placed my front paws in & tried to pull my frisbee back that way. I'll see if I have a pic of me just dip-dip-dipping my front paws. 🐾🐾 It's not like I ran, like a spaz, head first into the waves every time. Oh, by the way...when will I stop pooping sand? I keep telling Mom that I'm making her an all-natural exfoliant to save her money but she wants nothing to do with it! So ungrateful! #skylieryce #skyliedoodle