Andrea Lisbona (@andrealisbona)

Great way to end the week. Thanks @_esade @cems_alliance for inviting me as a guest speaker at Marenostrum 2017! 🎀

Heather (@moondogmaker)

My hands are back in the wax! Rebatching a couple of our candle scents that have sold out and listening to Eddie Vedder's "Into the Wild" album. It's a good day. βœŒπŸ»πŸ’œ

Breena Reseller (@lipsbelle_)

πŸ‘‘COURAGE (deep maroon)
Velvetcreme Matte Liquid Lipstick : RM39.00 each
1 set (All 9 shades) : RM330

All price exclude postage
Postage : RM7 (SM)/ RM10 (SS)
Free shipping on orders abve RM180.00
We ship worldwide, check website for more details ☎️You can place your order by ws me at 011-12887030

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Tami Romani (@tamiromani)

Jumping in to being the voice of your own brand to your social media followers can be scary at first, but video is king in this online business world & I know you can do this! 🎯
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Stationery β€’ Homewares β€’ Gifts (@yoohoomailhq)

It's the looooooioong weekend yippeeeee! I've got such an urge to be all crafty and diy'y this weekend, I'm sure I'll bore you all with what I get up to! Anyone got any inspiration for some projects to try? Are you making/decorating/building anything this weekend?

Brand + Website Designer (@stephwilliamson_)

THIS! So much this! πŸ™ŒπŸ» Still coming down from #therisesummit high and I'm just so reflecting on the wealth of knowledge and all the nuggets that came out of Tuesday.
I love this quote by @gracegulley so much because when it reminds me to take a step back for a second and appreciate all of the hard work I've put into this business. Sometimes it's hard to see how far we've come when our heads are buried beneath a million to-dos and the everyday tasks to keep us afloat.
So I'm here to cheer you on and let you know that all of your hard work is worth it, that whatever you're working on is worth it and remember that there's always time to pause and reflect on the amazing things you've accomplished.
Happy Friday friends! I hope your weekend is chock full of goodness whether it's rest, hustle, or just enjoying the present moment. βœ¨πŸ’•πŸ˜˜

Christy (@libertedumondegourmet)

Excited about my new shopping bags! They are for my serious shoppers with bigger purchases as they are a larger size than my usual bags. Happy Sping/Summer everyone! #postconsumer #recycledpaper #waterbasedink #compostable #reuseable #libertedumondegourmetadventures #enviromentallyresponsible #ladyboss #smallandindependent #awesomeness #gratefulandappreciative

Josie May (@stepuptolove)

I love getting mail! Do you want to transform your love life and meet the man of your dreams? Then send me a message (via the link in my bio) and we can chat about how 1- 2-1 coaching can help you 😘 πŸ“Έ@hooraymail

πŸ‘»πŸ‘» - Snapchat: Jodifitmom (@jodifitmom)

Just had a real talk LIVE with my crew. We don't just workout...we inspire, we teach, we let you tell your story in a safe place. Women like to feel connected and heard. You can get that here! @millionsofmusclesfitness

Krista DeLisle (@designbykrista)

Hey it's follow Friday and I want to give a little mention to @katemaxstock
If your a girl boss looking for feminine styled photography for you website then she's you person so head on over and check out her awesome photos! Wishing everyone a great weekend :)

Kristin (@fit_hiit_mama)

If I haven't told you enough lately , I love my @shefitapparel sports bra and lounge bra, I'll tell you again. I LOVE my Shefit bras !!! They are super comfortable. I literally live in my lounge bra. It's the perfect nursing bra for you nursing mamas out there. It's provides amazing support and easy access to open up for your little one. No need for an uncomfortable wire to #supportthegirls anymore. This one is perfect for that. And the sports bra is fabulous. It's super adjustable. You can customize it to your comfort level and for your workout. Tighter for more high impact workouts and a bit more relaxed for strength based and low impact gym days. Make sure you check them out and use code YOURGIRLS10 for ten percent off your order ! I promise you will not be disappointed. #shefit #ladyboss @shefitapparel @shefitsara #empowerment #shefitrevolution #nobounce