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You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.
-Miriam Adeney

Signing this beauty today, called "somewhere else". 50x50 cm, edition of 7.

Marta Kahlo (@dadanoias)

¡Ay, qué ilusión! Llaman al timbre, es @letimbre_arts . Y, en un sobre súper bien protegido, me llega la exclusiva lámina limitada de Pep Montserrat que veis en la foto, con un soldadito y su monstruo rojo, fundiéndose el humo de su pipa con la lágrima de su alter-ego. Una obra única que, esta nueva plataforma de arte, nos propone para nuestra colección particular a través de una suscripción mensual. Os cuento, ‘Le Timbre’ es un proyecto independiente, casi en forma de club’, en la que sus miembros iremos recibiendo cada mes, o cada cuanto queramos, obras de ilustradores reconocidos internacionalmente a un precio razonable y con un criterio de lo más curado y sensible. Con la intención de acercarnos al arte con cercanía y dando espacio al diálogo. ¿No os parece un proyecto fantabuloso? Debo reconocer que tanto la calidad creativa como formal me han impresionado en mi primera experiencia como miembro de su comunidad. Ay, ahora a enmarcarlo ❤️ #homegallery #illustrationlife #artprint #limitededitionprint


'An Abstraction Of Patchwork Terrain' 〰️ Limited edition reproduction of an original work, signed and numbered by me. Only 25 prints produced and available now both framed and unframed via selected stockists and online. To shop visit > Shop > Limited Edition Prints | Photo: @lazybonesphoto for @louise_hatcher_styling #limitededitionprint #bedroom #styling #colour #art #abstractartwork

Rachel Favelle (@favelleart)

When your parents are both artists and art teachers, there is a high likelihood that you will spend much of your time in galleries as a child. These two were little troopers at the opening of 'Kindred'. #favelleart #artistlife

Philippa Riddiford (@philippariddiford)

Putting the final touches to one of my 'girls'. This will be in my exhibition NEW NEW @printmakergallery Friday August 11th with an Opening 6 to 8pm. This size is 367mm x 540mm giclèe print onto heavyweight cotton rag paper #philippariddiford @philippariddiford #printmakergallery #brunswickst #fitzroy #exhibition #whatsoninmelbourne #events #melbournelife #urbanart #urbanculture #printmaker #design #designer #urbanart #independentartist #interiorart #melbourne #melbournecreatives

SPOKE ART (@spoke_art)

"El Topo" by @bluntgraffix is now available via the link in our profile. 🌂🌂🌂Each screen print on foil paper comes hand signed and numbered by the artist!

Something Strange (@itssomethingstrange)

Framed up some more posters for my hellway:
I. Original 1988 @elvira.mistressofthedark movie poster acquired from @fiftytwo80s 🎃🎃
II. Limited edition "Willamette Skull" poster by @chancetagg for @sonsofhuns ⚡️⚡️
III. Signed print by @invincibleczars for their incredible live score of the silent film "Nosferatu" a few moons ago ⚰️🦇
#elvira #elviramistressofthedark #sonsofhuns #limitededitionprint #willametteskull #nosferatu #invincibleczars #hellway #postergeist

Elena Balkos Photography (@elenabalkosphoto)

I had some fun with my camera today at La Pelosa beach in Sardinia. Easily one of the best beaches I have been to. Crystal clear water in the most perfect turquoise colour with just the right temperature. 👌🏼