MeredithW (@tiu_nowm)

Got my Bootycall in this am and my cardio was the total body fix from 21 Day fix! Lots of weights today!
I crushed today's goal for myself! I could have just done the TIU Bootycall and waited till later to do the cardio but now I have time to finish something else or just hang with the little when she is out of school!
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BOOOM! YouTube|Lifestyle (@crisbooom)

Workout done, off to the next meeting! @tinabambiiina thanks for your support at the grand opening💪
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Sarah Pelc (@sarah.pelc)

Happy Monday, friends! This week, we're all about water and beverages and how they affect our health. ⠀

Everyone needs a different amount of fluids to keep their body running. This amount depends on a number of factors including height/weight, the climate that you live in, how much you exercise, etc. According to The Mayo Clinic, the average female needs 9 cups of fluid a day (72 ounces, while the average male needs 13 (104 ounces). WOW! That's a lot, right? ⠀

If you're a long time follower, you know that every Monday is CHALLENGE MONDAY (woo!). And so to help you get closer to your fluid intake goal, today I challenge you to find a refillable water bottle and drink your daily fluid intake goal of water. At the end of the day, check in to tell us how you feel. Is your mind clearer? Do you feel hydrated and refreshed? Did you spend the whole day in the bathroom? TELL US!

Taylor Holstine (@selflovelife)

Hello everyone and good morning! It's been a tough one over here - we have a field trip for school and I'm not very excited honestly. Being crammed on a small bus is not my cup of tea. Anywho! I hope everyone has a lovely day today and wish me luck! 💜

Jenna Webster (@thefitgirlwithcurls)

Happy Monday! What's your motivation? Having something that drives you to keep pushing for your goals is a great way to keep your momentum going. .
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Katie Oberwager (@24carrotlife)

When you've already forgotten your glasses 🤓 and spilled coffee on yourself before 9 AM on a Monday, you know it's time for a 🎉GIVEAWAY🎉 I'm starting this week off with an intention to make my health a priority. To move and eat in a way that make my body feel good 💪🏻. I'm giving away 2 copies of @cassandrabodzak's new book, Eat with Intention, so you can learn how to better listen to your body, love yourself and quiet your mind too. Amen to that 🙌🏻!
HOW TO ENTER: 1) make sure you're following @24carrotlife 2) tag at least two friends below who might be interested in intuitive/intentional eating. Giveaway closes at midnight PST on Tuesday. Winners must be located in the U.S. .
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Amy Dawidowski Wells (@amywellsfitness)

Hunter has flex testing today, so he is coming to work with me. It's going to be a day.

Liam has already used a bagel with cream cheese as lotion on his whole body.
The kids have wrestled to the point of tears.

Stuffed animals have been flying.
Teachers should be thanking me for having these boys 4.5 years apart. I'm pretty sure there would have been lots of phone calls home if they were closer in age.

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Ashley Conneely 🌵 Dallas, TX (@squatnow.winelater)

Today's activities.... workout done and ready to hit the beach. Happy Monday, y'all! // #nickelodeonpuntacana #puntacana #armday

L i f e s t y l e C o a c h (@fitgirl_kim_possible)

Comparison is the stealer of joy. Nobody can take away what you have accomplished. You should never feed like you aren't as good as someone else. You live a completely different walk of life and your story is unique to you. Every single person has a different path in this journey called life and will have different results and different outcomes. You need to believe in yourself and know that your time to shine is to come! Instead of comparing - cheer each other on! Be proud of your accomplishments and happy for those around you! We all need a little support from time to time and telling someone they are an inspiration instead of being jealous of their accomplishment will make you feel better about it as well! 😊

<< K A T H L E E N >> (@kb_hitsthebarre)

Happy Day 1 of the Bikini Series 👙🌴 I'm so excited for this challenge. I was feeling so good last summer and a lot of it was thanks to this challenge! Meals for today --
M1: Pineapple Princess Smoothie (obsessed with ginger at the moment)
M2: Siggi's with Blueberries
M3: Turkey Burger with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli
M4: Quinoa Cakes with Homemade Pesto
M5: Chicken Sausage with Maple Walnut Brussels Sprouts
I've also brought all the liquids with me - homemade iced tea, kombucha and lots of water!