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that's really not how you charm a lady, Adam

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Beauty and the Best (2017)
Director - Bill Condon
Starring - Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen
This live action adaptation of the 1991 classic Disney animated movie lives up to the same standard as the original. First, the casting, was quite on point. Emma Watson is stunning as Belle. Her singing voice really surprised me. Luke Evans, as the arrogant Gaston, well it was a part he was born for. Josh Gad and Luke work well off each other, Thinking back to the animated film and thinking who would be a good LeFou for the live remake, you could only pick Josh, perfect for the role, and I didn't like the hate that his character received for being gay, 21st century people. Grow up. The support characters really do the original justice, the songs are pulled off, even Ewan's French singing voice is quite good! I really loved the visuals and how much detail they put into the sets for this film. When Beast and Belle did their dance, it made me feel like I was a little kid again watching it for the first time.
This will be a classic in the coming years. Really enjoyed this film. Here's hoping the announced live remakes of Disney classics live up to this standard.
I give Beauty and the Beast 8 out of 10. #review #critic #beautyandthebeast #danstevens #emmawatson #lukeevans #joshgad #ewanmcgregor #ianmckellen #movie

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The casts are all amazing!!.. this movie is beyond perfect (atleasf for me). And I just want to point out how sweet Emma Thompson is in here. That sweet smile and gentle voice. #emmawatson #emmathompson #danstevens #lukeevans #ianmckellen #beautyandthebeast

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