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» doctor who: matt, karen, & arthur... in a pedicab! (comic-con 2012)
this is one of my favorite videos and it’s 1000x better because it’s in my hometown and I was at sdcc that year but wasn’t into who yet 🙌🏻😱

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Something Different, Part 4/9
Amy ends up staying for a while. Work doesn’t matter when you’ve got a time machine to drop you back off where you started, and besides, it’s been so long since she stopped traveling with the Doctor, truly quite a few years. And it seems that they both have a lot of catching up to do.
The TARDIS was never easy to navigate, but somehow Amy finds her old room, and everything she left there. She stays past closing time at the office, and ends up spending the night talking with the Doctor about her adventures while Amy has been away and living the normal life she never thought she’d adjust to, but felt she owed to herself to try. That’s why Amy left in the first place…
She hears all about the TARDIS and why it’s different now, and how the Doctor only made the exterior look like this diner because she just wanted a place to stay for a few days, or maybe months. Something to ground herself.
Amy wonders how long she’s been…different. It’s something the Doctor never mentions, and something Amy can’t bring herself to ask. She isn’t sure why, but it’s like she doesn’t really know how to act around the Doctor anymore. And she doesn’t really know what to say, so she just listens.

The next morning, Amy finds the Doctor in the console room.
“So, what do you think?” she asks.
“Well, it’s different. And that’s not bad at all, but…”
Amy doesn’t really think about what she’s saying before she’s saying it, “You’re different, too. It’s like I don’t know who you are anymore.”
She bites her lip, instantly regretting her words, and idly plays with a button on the TARDIS console.
Yes, there was definitely a better way to say that.

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Q— what is your favourite celebrity ?
A— adele 💫

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I miss them so much... 💔
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