BTS Memes (@btsmemebers)

•my eng is bad sorry•
How tf did i found bts and became and army??
Well first, i was just at utube searching for wat video to watch. Then i saw this bts' mv, b,s&t. I dont know who tf is bts atm😂 i wanna click the video under the mv, but I ACCIDENTALLY clicked bts' mv. So i was like. "Shit, wrong video. Lets just watch it". When the video first started, I SAW JIMIN and instantly fell in love with him(HAHA). Hes my ideal type, bitch😂 and tbh at that time, i hate bts.... I DONT FUCKING KNOW WHY maybe cuz i follow my friend?? .-. Forget bout that, when i saw their dancing, and their sexy ass faces, im shook. And keep on watching the mv. Until now. LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME NOW. i fricking watch bts' videos NON. STOP. Its just so addicting 😗
And, one of ma friends always say "ugh why tf r u so overprotective of bts?! Its just kpop no need to get so emo and all that shit!" Bitch, listen.
KPOP, is the one who cheered me up when u r not there with me.
KPOP, made me gain my confidence(especially bts and got7).
KPOP, made me smile everyday, not like you.
KPOP, give me strength just keep call when those 'bullies' bully me.
KPOP, made me even happier than you.
BTS, made me laugh, everyday. Until now.
And, KPOP, tbh is, even better than you sometimes.
You always make me sad. Mad. Emo and "all that shit and stuff".
Like bitch bts is my heart, my life, 3/4 of my life tbh. U cant stop me from loving and protecting and defending them. Like, cash me ousside how bow dah?
Okay, gotta do my homework. See ya later.👋🏻🙂
(I READ THIS AGAIN AND ITS SO CHEEZZZZZZY😂 but its the truth thooo)

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