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Chicas aquí les dejamos como es el proceso de cicatrización luego de hacerte tus cejitas ✨ es un proceso que tiene que tener paciencia ❤️ contáctame para su consulta (305)972-6777

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A yearly touch up does the eyebrows good. 😍 Somebody tell me to stop my corniness. Lol!

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Full Set set in Action 💙
Open up Shape
C curl/0.18 thickness/9-13 length
Take 1:30 min to apply Mix Volume (100% coverage)
Price $ 99
First time guest gets $22 off on the Full Set, so instead of $99 🤓- you pay $77
PS. To book your appointment, $25 deposit is required to secure your spot 😘
Call ☎️7864613386 to make your appointment today!📆
Only at Sherry, see you soon Beautiful 😘
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Private Classic and Volume, Perm and combined Trainings are available❤️️ For more info call 7864613386

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1st pic is penciled brows, 2nd is clean brows,thinning in front&tails,3rd is Microbladed, fuller,more natural brows #eyebrows #soft #feminine #beauty#themostpowerfulfeature #microblading #miamimicroblading

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Stealing client pix and what not! Two babes and their lashes😩😍 what more can you ask for! Book your appointments now!

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🔅What is the correction for microblading🔅

Experienced specialists use the minimum amount of pigment for the first time to check the reaction of the skin and avoid unnaturally bright eyebrows. Correction after microblading is necessary in 90% of cases to improve the result. During it master intensifies the color and corrects possible defects.

🔅Reasons for correction🔅

Regardless of the experience of the master and the quality of the material, the final result will be A LITTLE DIFFERENT because of the partial fading of the pigment during healing, as naturally skin rejects foreign elements. The intensity of the color mostly depends on the client's skin. On average, eyebrows can become lighter by 30-50%, color changes. How much it will change depends only on the characteristics of the organism and the speed of metabolic processes. Tissue regeneration lasts 5-10 days and is accompanied by the formation and convergence of skin peels containing certain proportion of the pigment. Its impossible to make perfect conditions for healing, as we touch our face and eyebrows daily. As a result, some places can be lighter, which makes them look natural.💁🏼‍♀️

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