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💫“Decide that you’re unavailable to live your life treating your dreams like they’re not as important as your fears. Demand of yourself that you figure it out and make it happen.” 💫

Saw that from @JenSincero in my feed today and it really resonated with me…3 years ago when I was considering signing up to be a coach I was SO SCARED.

Scared of starting to use social media (I had zero accounts, seriously…), scared of taking selfies, scared of putting myself out there for others to judge, scared of what people would think or say about me, scared of failing.

But you wanna know why I decided to do it ANYWAY??? Because as scared as I was of all of those things…I was even MORE scared of the things in my life that I wasn’t happy about…the problems that coaching could solve for me…NEVER CHANGING.

I knew that if I wanted something different then I actually had to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT…and god has it all been worth it 🙏🏻❤️ Link in bio if you’re ready to give it a try yourself✌🏻

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lol Amazing# 😘🐱❤️
@Regranned from @simonscatofficial - Cat yoga poses to cure those Monday blues! 😝👌🏻
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KPeeee ❤️
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Karan Patel your kind words have made our #MondayBlues brighter. You have been kind enough to give us an opportunity to be your #eyestylists.
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Belated post is belated!!! The government shutdown continued to day 3... And then ended. 😂 Seems all the government employees I know decided to go to the various Smithsonians. Meanwhile, those of us in the private sector just had a normal Monday. 😔 .
I have been eating so well these past weeks thanks to Chef S. Seriously, my A in culinary doesn't even compare to S. 😔 But hopefully I am still better at making desserts..... I feel this may push me to whip up my macarons from law school days. Hehe. .
Emotional state: lowkey jealous of the furlough
1 good/thanks: but bf being employed is a good thankful thing 😝
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Who’s in La La Land and wants to shop our new selection of designer denim? DM us to schedule and appt. or stop by. ⚡️


Assalammualaikum and good morning ☀️
Wishing all of you with full of blessing everyday.
Let the quotes give you some motivation to start your day 💞. #moslema #moslemateam
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I have had people ask me, why do I do this⁉️ What are all my posts about⁉️ Honestly, I’ve even had some “friends” unfollow me 😳
Do you wanna know why? Why I’m starting my own business with network marketing? Because this is what I get to look at for 8 hours and BECAUSE A 9-5 SUCKS!! 🤮 Like seriously those Sunday nights and Monday morning blues. 😭 Are those really worth the corporation where you’re just a number? No, I’m over it ❌ There has to be more to this than life right?
Wake up Monday morning battle with depression because you have to do it all over again, wait for Friday to come so you can spend time with your family, blink and it’s Monday again.
I seriously NEVER thought I would be a netWORK marketer, but here I am. I’m not excelling enough yet to leave my full time job, but you just watch me. I will be!
I’m not going to have to worry about which day care to send our future kids to, I’m not going to have to worry about leaving work in the middle of the day because ‘insert child name here’ got sick. I’ll be my own boss. And I’m lucky enough to have gotten started on this early in life.
You don’t understand the dreams I have, and I know it’s going to be hardwork, but I’m ready to work hard.
Are you?? I would love for you to join me, let’s do this together!! 👭

Seriously, what are you afraid of???Let’s chat about it!! #9to5 #9to5life #deskjob #insurance #computerscreen #mondayblues #sundaynightblues #familytime #networkmarketing