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Monday Motivation and our New hair bestie💇‍♂️💗 @davidsolis22 @hairsoofierce

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👩🔧Dreams need plans in order to grow! Let's go! 💚✨🎆 #HowWeVibe

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If you are gonna do it, then really do it.

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How many times did you hit snooze this morning? ⏰ overly ambitious #mondaymotivation leads to #tiredtuesday 😴 📣wake me up when the coffee's ready! ❌⭕️ ~ Sophie ☕️❤️☕️📝 need another #springbreak #girlboss #inspiration #celebratewithsophies

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You are the reason,
I totally melt inside.
I pinch myself,
just knowing that you're mine.
Through every season,
so many ways you let me know;
there are many reasons;
that you make me glow.
You are the reason,
my heart joyously sings.
Baby, you are;
more than the real thing.
You are my friend,
my lover, and my life
You are the reason,
my life feels so right.
Love Poems created by K.Y.B -
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Good Morning!🌞 .
Remembering my why...
Motivation gets you started. 😀
Determination is what keeps you going! 👍🏻
Seeing a transformation is amazing!🙌🏻
I am determined to become the healthiest version of ME for myself and my family.👭
I am tired and did NOT want to get out of bed!😴
However, double scoop of sunshine in my cup and let's do this thing! 👊🏻

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In the interest of book before TV adaptation, I decided to read #girlboss. I read it all in one sitting, yes, because it is very readable, but also because it lacks a certain amount of substance. It’s as a gateway book. The kind of book you read in an airport where you want to be able to easily pick up where you left off. I also skimmed a section in the middle.
It’s a great story in theory, and one which was designed to inspire a younger generation – and it has. But, at the same time, the book fails to acknowledge that a large part of Amoruso’s success is down to being an early adopter. We can’t deny that. The #girlboss success algorithm can’t be replicated, the timing was perfect for Nastly Gal to flourish and Amoruso was smart enough to take advantage of that. The book sells hope that if you follow all the steps, and work hard, you too will be a millionaire #girlboss, but I find this to be shallow advice. 👩🏻
Reading the book almost 10 years after first publication, has highlighted how far we have come in terms of accessible feminism. Jessa Crispin would metaphorically tear me apart for even using the phrase ‘accessible feminism’, but it is undeniable that this is the legacy of #girlboss. The difference between reading the book in 2008 and reading it in 2017, is that so many women and girls have now become successful through staring their own business, through blogging and social media - but their storytelling is far better, and their stories are more relatable. There are so many #girbosses to look up to in 2017, that the actual #girlboss falls flat.
There was so much I disagreed with in this book, and that’s good. Whilst we a need to support each other, what we also need to do is challenge one other in a constructive way. I don’t want my critics to clap for me, that way I’ll never know what I’m doing wrong. It is so important to debate, and to face criticism because it is the only way to grow. You get better and more informed by being questioned on your choices, and more confident by ardently defending them.
Everyone was clapping for Amoruso. I was meant to LOVE this book. But, ultimately, it felt so much more empowering to question it.

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“ When reality is better than your dreams you know you're in love.
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