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A visit to Jiuzhaigou National Park is a must-do when travelling to China! It's a true masterpiece of nature, with sights you can only dream of. Blue lakes, green valleys, endless mountains, waterfalls, temples, as though all the beauty of nature has been brought to one place! Jiuzhai Huanglong airport is an hour or two away from the park's nearest village. The park is popular with Chinese tourists, but as more and more hotel chains are planning to open properties in the area foreign tourism is expected to rise as well. Has anyone else visited Jiuzhaigou? #jiuzhaigou#china#tibet#jiuzhai#huanglong#temple#longlake#nature#park#naturegram#instanature#photography#photo#wonderful#world#earthgram#hotello#hotels#luxury#luxurious#luxe#九寨沟#chengdu#haizi

Ruy Flávio de Oliveira (@polterbyte)

Summer fills my soul

Not just with color,

Or warmth,

Or the smells of full-blown nature.

Summer fills my soul

Not just with sounds of life,

Or the privilege to close my eyes and smile

During a soft—if brief—breeze,

Or while contemplating

The unexpected symmetries of nature.

Summer fills my soul

In slow motion, like the birds calmly cross the sky

In acoustic guitar songs playing in backyards

In early morning runs

And in late afternoon beers by the grill.

Summer feels my soul

As I heed Vonnegut’s advice

And ask “if this is not nice, what is?”, While sipping ice-cold lemonade by my porch.

Summer fills my soul as I contemplate the sky

At night, cooling by the sounds of crickets,

Pondering on how important it is to cherish life

And live it to the fullest of our abilities,

Even if more often than not we face challenges

That seem larger than our strength and skill.

Summer feels my soul

As it should, so we can cope with such challenges,

So we can lift the weights laid upon our shoulders,

So we can recharge,

And refill our cups,

And replenish our energies,

For the next chapter, yet to come.