Moonpoetess 🌙 Sherry Sharp (@moonpoetess)

These red& white flecked poinsettias in the clay pot I handpainted...are making me all HAPPY in a million ways...Nature is so extraordinarily beautiful & soothing....Enchanted Yule everyone. 🌲🕯️❄️ Peace on Earth. & in our hearts. .
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Michelle △ The Nature Maven (@michelleblackvision)

I don’t understand why some people concern themselves so heavily with what others believe, to the degree they make an effort to convert people to believing what they do, actually trying change people’s minds. The thing is, you can only come to understand the world and form your own beliefs through personal experience. Many of us feel that there is something more. So why people bicker over the details —- to the point of oppression at times —- is so confusing. Most of us are working to be our best selves in the end. When I told someone I’ll be trying out a Unitarian Universalist church recently I was literally scoffed at. This is not what Love is about; pure Love has no conditions. The reaction of that person actually made my face hot and my heart rate increase. But really it just makes me more certain about what Love feels like, what it is supposed to do... and what it absolutely does *not* feel like. Trust what connects you to yourself and to The Beyond, what supports you in standing by your morals, what challenges you to expand, what pushes you to Love deeper. The heart opening I’m going through is huge right now.

Carolyn Lunn (@rideaulakesreiki)

Hiking on the Baird Trail, just north of Lanark today, made me think of the reading in church this Sunday past "I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness. Make straight the way of the Lord." John 1:23. #rideaulakesreiki #advent #natureheals #snowyday

cofounder of LIFTED (@sylvia.hall)

Working on my next book, in a hardcore way.
Just bought a course by @byreginatv to help me do it.
So excited to be working on it.
So happy to have some support.
What’s one area of life that you could really benefit from seeking extra support?

Brigid Arantz Hypnotherapy (@brigidarantzhypnotherapy)

Living the Reiki way one day or even one moment at a time if that’s what it takes ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Bahareh Hosseini بهاره (@wellnessballa)

A very snowy morning today but it's warm and cozy inside the treatment room 👌 And flowers make it all better! @richmondhillnaturaltherapies

Travellers Tale (@travellerstale)

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😍 What a fantastic shot 📸 by @mblockk
„The bridge to Narnia.“

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Would you like to be there?! 😍
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Kaiya (@kaiyahealingarts)

This season when winter colds hit, I’ve been concocting herbal teas and soups that have amazing healing properties in them. They usually taste amazing (way better than cough syrup or over the counter medicine!) and sometimes things get weird. Today’s creations? Blue sweet potato soup and a lemongrass tea with garlic, black pepper and astragalus that reminds me of some weird teas my grandma used to make us when we were sick 😂 stay healthy friends!! 📷: @triciafarley

ĵůℓÏⱥ (@stay3levated)

Separating from your thoughts isn’t easy, it takes strength, resilience, and dedication. But, what you will find when you separate from your thoughts, is freedom. The freedom to know that all those weird, negative, anxious, and depressing feelings and thoughts were only apart of your programming not your true identity. You were always full of happiness, it was only through the course of your life that experiences imprinted into you and changed who you thought you were. Your spirit is God, the God whom is filled with love, peace, bliss, and joy. That is your natural state, that is who you are. You are not the thoughts, you are just holding space for the thoughts. But, don’t resist any thoughts, just let them flow & know they have no influence on who you are, who you will be or what you will achieve. You are not the conscious creating the thoughts, you are the conscious becoming aware of the thoughts. If you focus on what your mind thinks, you will only be using your power to makes those thoughts real. Instead of ignoring them and creating what you want, you waste your power creating a person and a reality you don’t want to see. YOU choose, you decide, YOU ARE the creator. So, what will you create?
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Image: @ehscapist
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Jason Fahlman (@holisticjason)

Outdoor Temp: -10C; Water Temp: friggin' cold!; My Mind & Body: strong, calm and in charge. This is what focused breathing and concentration, paired with the just-nature that cold exposure offers us to practice being comfortable in uncomfortable situations.
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Feather & Seed (@featherandseed)

Choose from 14 Synergy blends of pure essential oils to create a calm and nurturing space.

Hoerr Schaudt (@hoerrschaudt)

Did you know hospital patients recover faster and request less pain medication when they have views to nature? This roof terrace at Spaulding Rehab Hospital in #boston does just that! #hoerrschaudt #natureheals #healthcare #spauldingrehab #naturetherapy

Olya (@namse_travel)

Oh, these amazing sunsets... It’s nature’s magic, when the sky is turning red, yellow, orange, violet...what an amazing color palette! 💛😍🌅
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