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Stop holding your orgasms hostage to unrealistic ideals of life, pleasure, and happiness. Dig deep and so over the keys to truly knowing yourself, loving yourself, and freeing your inner sensuality. Join us in a sacred space of sisterhood and support. This will be a day filled with love, acceptance, and confidence for who you are right now. You don’t want to miss it. Get your tickets at

Emotional Eating Expert (@nodietbabe)

Hey Babe! Make decisions around food and exercise from a place of LOVE and not FEAR!

J a c k i e T i m b s (@xxjacsjourneyxx)

•I slammed my wrist on the door this morning (on accident)
•my arms were hurting
•my shins were hurting
•my knees were hurting
•my feet were hurting
All this and I still didn’t let that stop me from pressing play on my workout!!
Don’t let your excuses win!! Push through and do something that your future self will thank you for!!

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We all have those days where we wanna look cute, but we're so exhausted at the same time 🤷 .
On these day, we suggest getting out of the house, and not forgetting to put on some fancy boots 👊


TUESDAY NIGHT TRUTH GRENADES !!!!!!! 💣💥💣 💥 | snagged from thisisabitofme on tumblr

M E G A N H A G E Y (@meganhagey)

#REALTALK 💃🏼✌🏻💁🏼‍♀️ If you want results, get off your ass and get them.
Weightloss is HARD.
It’s emotional, it’s physical, it’s relentless, it’s HARD.
But it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.
Want to know what works?
YOU ACTUALLY FUCKING WORKING. 👍🏻 Not lying to yourself when you eat shitty foods and then wonder why you aren’t getting results.
Actually sweating. Doing total body workouts that shred body fat and inches.

AND allowing yourself to LIVE!
Love wine? 🍷 DRINK IT. Love chocolate? 🍫 EAT IT.
When you reward your body with something small after working so hard the other days - it will reward you back.
I’m sick of people knocking these programs I do - I see it all the time!! 😭

Pretty sure I was given a plan and I FOLLOWED it - I didn’t try to change it or short change it.
I SWEAT for this.
I CRIED for this.
I SHOWED UP for this.
I share my before and afters often because I’m effing PROUD of this!
I’m proud of myself for knocking every excuse out of the park that said to me “you’re meant to be big boned, obese, and fat for the rest of your life”
I’m proud of myself for taking my obese, anxious, depressed ass off the couch and DOING something for ME.
I’m proud of myself for CHANGING. For figuring out why I binge eat, what causes it, how to FIX it.
And know I’m no different than you.
I just made a decision. I chose to change.
You are meant to be exactly who you want yourself to be.
If you don’t LIKE something about yourself:
And if you need HELP. Ask for it. 💕

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