Sarah (@thesarahmalkin)

Can I be real a second? For just a millisecond? (and can I do a #NoMakeupMonday on a Wednesday?) Someone once gave me the advice, "be the person you needed when you were 16." I think that's such great advice. I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I get caught up so easily in wondering if I am fulfilling the dreams I had as a teenager. But that's not what's important. In many ways, I've failed, but I've succeeded in a thousand other ways I could never have imagined back then. I haven't become 16-year-old Sarah plus time because that's not what 16-year-old Sarah needed. She didn't need someone perfect to look up to: she had those in droves. She needed someone flawed but happy to tell her, "it's going to be a miserable hot mess of a journey, but it's going to be worth it." Someone who embraces their flaws, laughs at their stumbles, and gets back up to fight.
So this goes out to 16-year-old Sarah. I dedicate this #NoMakeup, #NoFilter, exhausted, bags-under-the-eyes, beacned, unruly-browed selfie to you. You turn out pretty cute, huh?

#rfggonaked (use this hashtag and Rodan & Fields will make a $1 donation to at-risk youth. Do it or you're a chump.) (also shoutout to @cbix246 for letting me get a little too personal. 😙)

Zoe Smith (@chaargonwisconsin)

When #wearchaargwednesday and #nomakeupmonday are kinda daily things for you 😂😂 its been an insane week [moved back to school, started my 7 credit summer organic chemistry/lab classes AH + unpacked my entire life]. Its made it hard to #rally for morning workouts but im excited to get better once things calm down a bit. Ill try to remember to post a #sweatieselfie when i do the ~booty~ workout this evening 🎉 #uwchaarg #chaargambassador

Carla Marie 💛 (@thecarlamarie)

My biggest regret is all the time I've wasted putting makeup on my face. I stopped applying everyday about 4 years ago. Now I only wear it for events I wear four products MAX. My skin is SO much clearer and healthier and I FEEL better. Side note: changing my diet helped so much. DO IT LADIES!
#nomakeupmonday #nomakeupwednesday #realstagram #cleanface #rfgonaked

Life With Lizzie (@life_withlizzie)

It's #RFGoNaked day today and for every neck-up selfie, 💁🏼Rodan and Fields will donate $1 for every selfie up to $500,000 to the Smith Family ✨✨@_thesmithfamily. Do it now using the hashtag #RFGoNaked (it's easy!) #nomakeupmonday #exceptitstuesday #rodanandfields #makeupfree #makeupfreemonday #makeupfreeselfie #selflove #charity #thesmithfamily

Michele Bissell (@seeshel_run)

#nomakeupmonday ... just me . No fuss .. just real. My eyes may say it all. 💛

Okstatelena (@okstatelena)

I forgot yesterday was #nomakeupmonday! My skin feels so much more healthy since I have been using LimeLight! I feel like I glow. 😍😍 #lovemyskin It's not too late or too early to take care of yours too!

SandAndSkyAUS (@sandandskyaus)

When the whole squad brings their Slay game ⚡️⚡️ #BrilliantSkin @sandandskyaus

Freddie (@prettyernperson)

I'm the closer to greatness than you think 🤔 #nomakeupselfie #nomakeupmonday

Kity Faya (@kityfayaofficial)

Whachu know about Tang?

Christy Allen (@christygailallen)

Had my first wrap party tonight guys! We laughed and had fun all while I told everyone about our lifestyle products and how they work. Nothing wrong with having fun while making money😁message me if you're interested in being wrapped free of charge and I'll tell you how. We also have several products that are vegan as well and Oh my gosh guys I'm telling you I've never found anything that energized me without giving me the jitters or making me sick until I tried it works greens! They are amazing and I need amazing while juggling a household of 7😳 #lifeisgood #godisgood #godsaidenjoyurlife #lifeisbeautiful #veganproducts #itreallyworks #vegetables #fruits #energydrinks #hairskinnails #itworks #nomakeupmonday

KarLA (@mashedavocado)

Bathing in the sun rays. Peacefully alone. It's one of the few times/places I can actually stop and admire the city I now live in. Discreetly; seen by none. #mondaymood #californiadreamin #nomakeupmonday