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Vegan life, raw or cooked is not easy. The key is to learn and plan and take the time to love yourself enough to prep your food ahead of time. Treat I️t like taking a spa day or getting your hair done. It’s self care to cut, purée, research ingredients and shop for the best and most affordable choices. Does anyone have any tips on getting organic food cheaper btw? #parttimevegan #blackgirlvegan #eatyourveggies #openyourmind #experimentalkitchen #veganrecipes #organic #organicfood #bedstuy #brooklyn

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Я на полюбившейся мне площади Бахтапура #nepal #katmandu #traveltheworld #bakhtapur #openyourmind

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Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving 🙏🏻 As we talk about gratitude, the kids are getting older and understanding so much more about life, relationships, their feelings, changes, and to cope with it all and be grateful for it, even if it was a lesson at the end and not what they had expected or anticipated.

Today Matteo had to accept the hard lesson of loving someone who was like family but who has pretty much not been there for a while, or visited, or even send a simple little happy birthday message (huge when you are a little 10 year old!). When you open your doors or take someone in as family, kids give their all! They don’t hold back, they don’t forget, they are raw, real, and every little bit you give them, they see it as the most amazing gift, even if it means listening to their stories. Kids are the most beautiful souls, loving their tribe to the fullest!
It’s not easy to see a child breakdown, but it’s also a reminder to be grateful for those who are part of our lives, who stick by us, check up on us, who truly are as equally grateful for us as we are for them!
People change, their journeys change, and we change! It’s ok to let go, but always keep a grateful heart for those moments shared! Tough lesson, but such an important one!
Here’s to gratitude of all types, from health, love, family, friends, and life lessons! Stay safe on Black Friday if you brave yourself outside!
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Храмовый комплекс Наньшань🏯🏯🏯
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