April Lila Pascubillo (@n8tv_hayn)

Somebody needs a nap! #naptimewhines #ourrainbowbaby #mytruelove lol parenting is not always cupcakes and rainbows!

↠ᴇʟɪseᴀʟᴠᴀʀᴀᴅᴏ↞ (@elise_alvarado_)

↠ Getting ready for our little miracle baby, baby shower for our precious angle! I can’t wait to celebrate you baby girl! You are already so loved by so many ↞ ♥️ #thirdtrimester #babyP #ourrainbowbaby #marchbaby

Kelley (@kelleyware22)

A day late but this little beauty turned 2 months old yesterday! I like to talk and smile! And I like to look around in case I miss something. I can hold my head up pretty good. I like the sound of a vacuum cleaner 😂. We learned today I don't like shots! 😭 but momma made it all better with lots and lots of snuggles! ❤️#mommasgirl #ourrainbowbaby #2monthsoldalready

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Two years ago today I married my best friend! This year, we’re happy to announce we’ll be starting our greatest adventure yet.... #babyRamos #weregoingtobeparents #ourrainbowbaby

Kyria' P (@mrs.phenix613)

Day 343 - 49 weeks
I feel like in the past two weeks Isaiah has grown leaps and bounds.
His little body and brain are working so hard and things are really clicking.
Isaiah is standing. He is taking some steps. He is putting things together and taking things apart. Isaiah is our sour-patch kid and I wouldn’t have him any other way.
#49weeks #littleboywonder #sourpatchkid #ourrainbowbaby #parentchild #youaremyiloveyou

Jamie Lynn Dorr (@jamielynndorr)

Marriage, it is the most sacred and beautiful relationship in the whole world. Two people committing their lives to one another, vowing to love each other until death parts them. But what happens when death parts you? Death if you’re not careful, parts the way you think, the way you grieve, the way you view God. Death pushes its way right in between two people. Unexpected. Unwelcome. Unimaginable, that is, until it’s your reality. Two people that are beautifully different in every way, that have chosen to love each other all their days. Except instead, they find themselves in a place unknown. A place so distant to the two naïve people that made those vows they aren’t sure they’ll ever come back from it.
And maybe for you it’s not death that is parting you. Maybe it’s something else. Something that was so unexpected you never saw it coming. A loss of trust or connection, or you realize you’ve changed.
When we lost Sawyer our marriage began to crumble. Listening to Jake tell our story this weekend I could go right back to that place as if it was yesterday. The grief, the anger and frustration. I was so deep in depression that I was so far from the girl he married. But we have to realize the enemy wants us parted from our spouse! He knows that together we are a force to be reckoned with, while apart we are isolated. In this world there is suffering too terrible to name. We both know it. God knows it. And I have been heartbroken watching friends go through the “things in life” that part us and walk away from each other. So, here is what I know to be true. You will grieve differently. You will fight. And over time you will change! Don’t give up! Choose love even if you don’t feel like it. Because feelings will fail you. And WHEN you come out on the other side you’ll be stronger and more in love than you can imagine.
When we were in the hospital with Barron. Tears were constant. Words failed us. But Jake said, "If it didn't hurt this bad, we didn't do it right." If we didn’t love Barron, or fight for each other as hard as we could, we didn’t do it right. Yes, death makes it hard. But don’t forget, your redemption is near! Look up, your King is coming to you!

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Baby Mail makes me so happy! ☺️☺️☺️ I feel beyond blessed. Thank you all for the gifts!!! #babymail #blessed #JulietAnne #OurRainbowBaby

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“The greater your storm-
The brighter your rainbow.”
#AzaiahAzmi #OurRainbowBaby #GodAnswersPrayers

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Her turn to get daddy all to herself! I still remember when he would take her older sisters to father-daughter dances! #timeflies #ourrainbowbaby #daddysgirl #bestdaddyever #hislittleprincess #herbff #shehashimwrappedaroundherfinger

April Lila Pascubillo (@n8tv_hayn)

My greatest gift!!! #ourrainbowbaby #mytruelove He put it on himself! Monkey see monkey do!!!

April Lila Pascubillo (@n8tv_hayn)

I think it's clear that he wants to ho'opa'a! You have much to learn my son! #ourrainbowbaby #mytruelove

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Instead of wishing away these last few weeks of pregnancy or for them to go by faster, I have cherished every moment and realized the wonderment growing inside of me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle!! Even when there was just hope for you, we LOVED you ❤️👣🙏 #33weekspregnant #HeavensMiracles #TheBabyWePrayedFor #OurRainbowBaby #6MoreWeeks

April Lila Pascubillo (@n8tv_hayn)

He doesn't like it! But it's keeping his hair away from his ears. #hairlikedaddy #ourrainbowbaby #mytruelove